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A tale of three verdicts – Jallikkattu, Sabarimala, Piravom Church and Marxist double speak


When Jallikkattu controversy was raging, the CPI(M) passed a resolution urging the centre to enact an ordinance to allow jallikkattu festival. CPI(M) leaders then said bull-taming was an integral part of Tamil culture and traditions that it should be respected.
Ref: https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/tamil-nadu/CPIM-extends-support-for-jallikattu/article17026974.ece

But in the case of Sabarimala, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan showed an undue haste in implementing the Supreme Court verdict. The CPI(M)-led government changed its affidavit and allowed the case to fall through. The verdict triggered widespread outrage and, according to a rough estimate 20 million people came on the streets demanding an ordinance to protect age-old customs. The government is taking a high moral ground and deliberately provoking Hindus. He prevented Devaswom Board to file review petition. That means the Devaswom Board which is supposed to protect the interests of the believers has turned against them. The rationale behind this undue haste, according to CPI(M), is its commitment to implementing the court order. In a lighter vein, Congress leader K Muraleedharan has said Vijayan was in a hurry that he wanted to implement the order before even the temple was opened for the season. “This is ridiculous,” he said.

But in the case of the Piravom Church, the LDF government is yet to implement the Supreme Court judgment of July 3, 2017 stating that the Piravom church should be opened for the Orthodox faction. Citing law and order problem, the government has been delaying the implementation. It has even sought more time to implement the order.

Source: VSK Bharat


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