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Allaah was nervous from ‘November’, Moses said to the terrorists, keep hidden in secret places


The month of November was very important in the Army’s ‘Operation All Out’ in the ongoing war against terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. The army killed 37 terrorists in a month. Due to the continued withdrawal of security forces, the fear of terrorists has been rising so that their donors are now issuing instructions to remain hideaway.

Terrorist Zakir Musa’s organization, Ansar Gajwat al-Hind, has given a letter to his terrorists, in which they have been asked to look for secret places to avoid security forces. Ansar Gajawat ul Hind is also known as ISJK’s mask.

In the letter, the terrorist organization has written that hide hideouts from the security forces are such that no other person should have any information, so that no terrorists could be hindered by the army. In the letter, the terrorist organization has also asked the Indian security agencies to fail the target of completing the Operation All Out.

In the letter, the terrorists have also been instructed to share information with their own people who are trustworthy because the army is keeping an eye on these terrorists from the night without a voice drone.

This advisory of terror organizations has also been instructed to reduce the use of terrorist mobile phones. The terrorists have been asked not to use the Internet. Whenever needed, the VPN has been asked to use the internet so that the location of the mobile cannot be detected. The terrorists have also been advised to make their hideouts in the forests away from the residential areas and keep the necessary material there so that they can be out of reach of the security forces.

Source: VSK Bharat


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