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Attack on Sabarimala is deliberate to destroy Hindu roots – Sri Sri Sri Kamalananda Bharati Swamy


For 1000 years, Hindu temples and customs were attacked. The British introduced many Acts to criminlise jaatis and customs. Post independence many temples and including famous Tirumala were attacked, now Sabirimala. The words and actions of anti-Hindu forces are clear and open, if we don’t react and counter these sinister designs it will become more complex to fight and preserve our roots, said Sri Sri Sri Kamalananda Bharati Swami, Bhuvaneeshari Peethadheesh, Vijayawada.

Swami ji was speaking at a talk on “Save Sabarimala to Save Bharatiyata” organised by Sabarimala Parirakshana Samiti at KMIT Narayanaguda, in Hyderabad on 9 February.

He advised people to be part of temples committees to protect, preserve the customs and practices of temples because they are our spiritual icons and it is bounded duty to protect and preserve them.

On this stage, Swamiji also announced members of newly formed Sabarimala Parirakshana Samiti, who will take this movement forward in Telangana state.

Temples are backbone of the Hindu life, so breaking India forces deliberately targeting these to destroy the lifeline. The attack on Sabarimala is very a serious attack which cannot be ignored if we have to protect our rights, said Sri AR Mohan, Organising Secretary of All India Sabarimala Action Council.


He also cited that women are allowed but with certain conditions as per the wish of presiding deity Sabarimala.

Former Adv Gen Sri Ramakrishna Reddy gave an overview of customary rights of religion. He said people must bring pressure on governments to review their decisions, else interference of courts in pooja and other Hindu matters will increase.

Smt Anantha Laxmi, spiritual activist, the people who have approached the courts neither have any respect nor faith in Hindu customs, but their intent was clear to attack the roots of Bharatiyata. Sabarimala become the target of anti-Hindu forces because it is one of the prime holy place of Hindus.

Sri Jayaram Guruji, Sri B Dakshinamurthy, Sri Shashidhar, Justice CV Ramulu, members of VHP and various Hindu organisations participated.


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