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Attack on SC Reservation Parirakshana Samiti President in Hyderabad

శ్రీ కర్నే శ్రీశైలం

In a blatant show of arrogance, some miscreants attacked Karne Srisailam, President of the National SC Reservation Parirakshana Samiti while he was addressing a press conference at the Somajiguda Press Club yesterday. Punjagutta police have arrested four persons in connection with the attack and registered a case.

The Incident 

The National SC Reservation Parirakshana Samiti has been expressing concern for sometime over the alleged irregularities and violations in Telangana State Social Welfare Gurukul Schools, by the SWAEROS organisation, run by IPS official RS Praveen Kumar. As part of this protest, a delegation of the NSCRPS, led by Karne Srisailam, met the Governor ESL Narasimhan, and submitted a memorandum seeking action on the perpetrators.
The next day, when Karne Srisailam was addressing a press conference at the Somajiguda Press Club, some miscreants burst into the room and attacked Srisailam and other members. The trespassers also broke the microphones belonging to media organisations and turned violent against even those who tried to stop them from beating up Srisailam. 

Manager of the Press Club of Hyderabad and members of the Reservation Parirakshana Samiti lodged a complaint in the Punjagutta Police Station, against the unauthorised entry of those persons, for disrupting a press conference being held in a peaceful manner andfor physical attacks on those present. 

IPS official behind the attack: Srisailam

Meanwhile, Karne Srisailam alleged that the IPS Officer and Secretary, Telangana Social Welfare Gurukul Schools, RS Praveen Kumar, was behind the attack on him at the Press Club. He alleged that he was attacked because he was questioning the irregularities and criminal activities by SWAEROS, belonging to Praveen Kumar. 

RS Praveen Kumar has been polluting the minds of the young students at Gurukul schools in the name of Buddhism and depriving them of their own traditions and culture, Srisailam alleged. He demanded that the State and Central Governments should take action against Praveen Kumar for the attempted murder attack and that the CBI should enquire into the corruption and violations in the Schools. Srisailam said he is ready to launch a protest in New Delhi on this issue. 


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