Home News Black day for Sabarimala; devotees dragged,trampled and arrested

Black day for Sabarimala; devotees dragged,trampled and arrested


Sabarimala: Polce arrested devotees who were chanting manthras in Sabarimala. Devotees were standing near the Aravana counter as it was raining. Police asked them to move from there and devotees protested against police’s act by chanting prayers near Nadappanthal. This ended up in police brutality and mass arrest. Police forcefully arrested devotees including women.

Police commanded devotees to stop chanting prayers. But devotees took firm stand as they will return only after Harivarasanam, the last ritual just before the temple closure.

Police arrested devotees soon after harivarasanam and took them to Pampa in two batches and then to Manayar camp. Sixty eight devotees are in A R Camp.

Huge protests are arising in the whole state, prayer chanting protests have been conducted to various police stations and to CM’s house, Cliff House . Devotees also marched to Devaswom Board President A Padmakumar’s house in Aranmula.


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