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Chennai: Christians of Catholics & Protestant denominations deny burial space to Dr Simon Hercules


Chennai based Neuro Doctor Simon Hercules was denied burial due to corona fear but the print media is spinning the news to their whims and fancies.

The mob which attacked the ambulance carrying the dead body of Wilson was not attacked by the general public as quoted by the Media but it was a section of Christians hiding behind their cattiest agenda.

Dr. Simon Hercules belongs to the Roman Catholic (RC) group and the people who objected to his burial were Protestants. It also proves that there is a huge caste system that exists in Christianity.

If there is a small mishap or a scuffle in a temple related function or ritual, these Media will report with the temple’s name, God’s name, related caste name and also the victim as well as the defendant’s name.

Whereas when Tablighi Jamaat’s involved in bringing the total nation down, they refuse to even name that organization fearing the backlash.

Initially, there was a line of political leaders who condemned the people who attacked the ambulance which carried Dr. Wilson’s body but they are going into oblivion the moment they knew that the attackers belong to the CSI group.

These CSI group, canvas to poor and needy people that there is no caste system in Christianity and convert them ultimately on a pack of lies.

Any Indian after his death should be given a proper burial or cremation as per the Indian constitution, but these Christian missionaries are not allowing even their Christian brothers to be buried in peace.

If a patient who dies due to corona, is cremated or buried in a pit that is dug up to 12 feet, there is no threat of corona spreading as per officials from the Ministry of Health, Govt of India.

These CSI believers listening to their Pastor got into gang activity and stopped a doctor of their own religion getting his last rights executed and all because of their casteist agenda.

At last, it was Hindus who are labeled as religious fanatics by some Media who allowed Dr. Wilson to be buried in their cremation ground due to their big hearts.

At least it was only Sanadhan Dharma which won here by their accommodation for peace and love for other communities.

Source: mediyaan


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