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Common students and ABVP leaders were attacked in JNU


The Left students have resorted to violence once again in JNU after their call for boycotting the registration process was rejected by the students of the university after the JNU administration made the process online. Reports from JNU say that the goons of the Left union even attacked common students who came for registration other than brutally assaulting ABVP members on campus. Several ABVP student leaders including its Presidential candidate Manish Jangir have been injured in the attack.

The Left in JNU had kept the university under forced lock-down and was not allowing students to take end semester exams. Anyone who tried to take the semester exams was assaulted including professors who tried to facilitate the same. The leftists were occupying the JNU server room along with goons from outside. Yesterday students who wanted to take the exam registrations were asked to leave by the Left when they went there. Students who opposed were assaulted by the Leftist students. Later in the evening left-wing goons assaulted the professors in the school of languages.

Left stopped online registrations

ABVP Presidential candidate Manish Jangir was also injured in the attack by Left goons

Inside reports from JNU say that the left-wing goons entered hostels today to attack the ABVP activists without any provocation from the other side. It was a planned attack by Left goons with the help of the outsiders, say inputs. After left-wing goons were chased away from Periyar hostel by guards they attacked Sabarmati hostel and started pelting stones and breaking windows. Students of the hostel came out with hockey bats etc to chase them away. These are the videos and images being circulated by the Left as that of ‘ABVP’, say insiders. 

On 3rd January, the Left union members stopped the Wi-Fi services in JNU by entering the server room by wearing masks. They resorted to disrupting the Wi-Fi services as the administration gave the option of online registration. On the early morning of 4th January, JNU administration tried to reactivate Wi-Fi in JNU where security staff and Left-wingers were involved in a scuffle.

After this failed attempt to disrupt Wi-Fi again, the Left came back in large numbers and planned the attacks. The Left mob went on a rampage in the campus and even attacked common students who got themselves registered even after the boycott call given by Leftists led JNUSU. Inside accounts say that by evening common students also came out on the roads to keep themselves safe as the Leftists started targeting all those students who had registered themselves and threatened students with dire consequences.

JNU research scholar Shivam Chaurasia who took registration two days back was brutally thrashed by the Leftists led mob

Observers say that the latest JNU clashes is not between the Left and the ABVP but between those who want smooth registration process and those who want to disrupt it. Left led JNUSU has given a call to boycott registration but hundreds of ‘common students’ have taken registration. Even a poster of JNUCS – JNU Common Students surfaced in JNU last week appealing the JNUSU to allow them to register. Common students are feeling fed up with this forced ‘boycott call’ given by JNUSU led by Leftist organizations.

The ABVP in a statement has said that the Internet communication in JNU was attacked by a masked gang of Red lumpens. This resulted in the Shameful Wi-Fi blackout in JNU campus. When their nasty shenanigans were caught and questioned by common students, they attacked students! The act of vandalism, attack on common students & ABVP karyakartas by Left goons certainly reminds us of the anarchic ways Naxals follow in their strongholds in Red corridor. They attack the government schools in such areas to prevent Tribal children from studying, says the ABVP statement.

 Home Ministry steps in

Finance Minister Smt Nirmala Sithraman who is a alumni of JNU expressed her displeasure at the events in JNU. She tweeted saying that JNU was one for fierce debates & opinions but never violence and condemned the violent events of the day.

Home Minister Amit Shah has taken cognizance of the events and has order an inquiry. Home Minister has spoken to Delhi Police Commissioner over JNU violence and instructed him to take necessary action. The inquiry will be carried out by a Joint CP level officer and the HM has asked for a report to be submitted as soon as possible



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