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Discipline is the hallmark of RSS, says Justice Kemal Pasha


Justice (Retd. Kerala High Court) Kemal Pasha said in Kochi that RSS is a disciplined movement. Its discipline is unique. It is inevitable to maintain secularism, unity and integrity of the country. Every Indian needs discipline. He was addressing the Gurupooja-Gurudakshina programme of RSS in Bhaskareeyam Convention Centre in the RSS Kerala state headquarters complex, Kochi.

Jce. Pasha said, he had read a lot about RSS. Thus he studied it. That patriotism is the hallmark of RSS is undsputed. RSS does not involved in violence; violence destabilizes the country. He remembered, once he had participated in the free breakfast distribution of Sevabharati. They have been doing it in Enakulam General Hospital since the last several years. The poor people are the beneficiaries of this yeoman service. He lauded RSS for this noble work. Hunger shakes men cutting across religious-party-caste lines. He remembered the lynching of Madhu, a tribal youth of Attappadi, for ‘stealing’ some rice and turmeric from a nearby shop few months before.

He added that Hindu culture is Arsha Bharatiya culture. All our countrymen can claim this legacy. There is a belief in Islam that “you may have your own religious, I do have my own religion”. Unfortunately, Muslims have misunderstood its meaning. If they had understood the real meaning of this statement they would have come much closer to the mainstream of national life here. No one is supposed to degrade other religions.

Sree Narayana Gurudev, Christianity and Islam, all stood for brotherhood. There is an important story of Leo Tolstoy. He was in his evening stroll. A beggar crawled to him begging for food and money. Tolstoy searched in his pocket, but it was pennyless. Tolstoy told the beggar apologetically: “Sorry, brother, I do not have anything to give you”. The beggar said, “Don’t be sorry, Sir. You have given me more than I expected. You have addressed me ‘brother’. This is my first ever experience”. We do not need divisions among us. Diversity is our power and it is our beauty.

He reminisced his experience in the court when he was a busy judge. He used to forget the Juma Namas on Friday, thanks to the heavy work load; but prominent Hindu lawyers (some of them were present in the programme) used to draw his attention to the wall clock; idea was to remind him that it was time for prayers.

Justice. Pasha opined that patriotism is essential. A big share of our budget is allocated for defence affairs; we should be vigilant about the evil Pakistan. Because, unlike India it is a theocratic state since partition. He said, he was sure, RSS has nothing to do with the lynching in connection with cow vigilante or the attack on Swami Agnivesh.

He said, some people asked him if he was too keen to address the RSS Gurupooja prgramme. He replied that he would go because he is afraid of nothing but God.

Justice. Pasha was the chief guest in the programme. RSS Sahsarkaryavah V. Bhagayya delivered the key note address. Mahanagar Sanghchalak Adv. V. Vijayakukmar presided. Vibhag Sahsanghchalak P. Sivadas also was on the dais.

-T. Satisan, Keralam

Courtesy: Organiser


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