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Fathoming the Muslim Question


Guruji had rightly warned that appeasement of minorities and breeding of Mullahs as the leaders of Muslim society would lead to disaster some day. The hostility of fatwa and fundamentalism we are witnessing today in the country is a reflection of the same danger

Shri Madhavrao Sadashiv Golwalkar (1906-1973) admiringly addressed as ‘Shr iGuru ji’ was the second Sarsangachalak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Shri Guru ji was a great patriot and an avid spiritual leader. In 1933, he came under the supreme influence of Dr Keshav Baliram Hegdewar, the founder of the Sangh. He was very clear about his thoughts and courageous to deliver them. He proposed a unique and all-comprehensive idea of nation based on the notion and principles of Hindutva. His idea of nation is still admired by many throughout Bharat.

Radiance, a Muslim weekly, has written about him, “Though, it would appear paradoxical, yet the fact remains that he was respected among thinking Muslims—not because of his philosophy but because of his courage of conviction, pure honesty, free from hypocrisy.”

He was the author of two enlightening books—“The Bunch of Thoughts” and “We or Our Nationhood Defined”.

Ongoing Tussle in Bharat

The demands of new nations, Sharia Courts and hostile fatwas have gripped the entire nation with hatred and communal politics. However, the roots of present crisis were sown long ago when the leaders of Congress Party involved themselves in appeasement politics just to garner petty votes.

Scholars and nationalists like MS Golwalkar and Savarkar rightly predicted the communal, anti-national and disastrous consequences of minority appeasement and pseudo-secular politics. The idea of Uniform Civil Code was rejected by stalwart Congress leaders and consequently today nation is at the brink of a civil war—the war between Islamic fundamentalists and guardians of the nation.

The present socio-political and religious discourse of the country has sparked a new debate “Whether the Constitution will govern Muslims in the country or so called Maulvis and their anti-women perceptions and laws”. The right minded people will surely put the genuine question forward, “Why have the judiciary or the legistaure and the law makers of the country failed to curb the hostile fatwas against women in the country”. The rabble-rousing posture of Maulvis and their unconstitutional demands have raised heads in every corner of the country.

Guruji’s Predictions

Guruji in the very beginning of his book Bunch of Thoughts predicted the same ill fate of nation if the appeasement of minority continues. He held the view that Bharatiya history failed to assimilate the Muslims into the national society, as it succeeded in assimilating the earlier invaders—the Shakas, Scythians and Hunas. It is a notable fact which the new Indian leaders of national liberation ignored altogether. Congress leaders committed blunder by giving privileges to Muslims and thought that at the cost of majority, they could rule their heart! However, it was a Himalayan Blunder. Concession given without change of ideology on the part of the recipient could not bring any positive change. Indian leaders continued with the same blundering techniques for long and thus encouraged “Future Pakistans”.

“all that is expected of our Muslim and Christian co- citizens is the shedding of the notion of their being religious minorities as also their foreign mental complexion and merging themselves in the common national stream of the soil”

His idea of nation was based on the Hindu Rashtra. Here ‘Hindu’ doesn’t mean a religious sect or a mode of worship. Here, the word ‘Hindu’ has a national character. It is tantamount to the word Bharatiya. It refers to people living beyond Sindhu. In fact, in 1995 the Supreme Court held that Hindutva is a way of life and not religion. The idea of Hindu Rashtra proposed by him is twofold. First, it offers freedom of faith to all minorities. Second, in return, all faiths are expected to promise loyalty to nation.

In his idea of nation, the word “Religious minorities” has no place. In Bunch of Thoughts he writes , “So, all that is expected of our Muslim and Christian co-citizens is the shedding of the notion of their being religious minorities as also their foreign mental complexion and merging themselves in the common national stream of the soil.”

Hindu View of Life

The broad and all comprehensive view of Hindutva encourages and accepts even the weakest religion and faith. In fact, within Hindutva there are diverse modes of worship and devotion to diverse Avtars of God. One can’t be a true Hindu at all if he can’t tolerate other faiths. Diversity is the key feature of Hindutva but no compromise can be made when it comes to nation or its security. One may celebrate any faith or religion but he/she is tied to other countrymen with the bond of common nation and history. Thus, nation i.e. Bharat remains in the centre in the notion of Hindu Rashtra.

The Muslims under mighty Hindu empires enjoyed full freedom and celebrated their faith with equality. Vijaynagar empire or in Punjab under Sikh heroes, Muslims also held key positions. In the administration of Shivaji, we learnt about many Muslim officials and warriors who even contributed in making of Shivaji’s Hindu Rashtra. Darya Sarand, was a Muslim, and two of his main lieutenants were Ibrahim Khan and Daulat Khan. There are countless instances of Shivaji gifting of land and annual grant to Masjids and Dargahs.

Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam, i.e. world is one family is the basic principle and idea that will govern Hindu Rashtra. Hindutva treats world as one family while the infamous Western cult treat world as one market. Hindutva will govern people through values, morals and patriotism while the present order of West governs people through money and power.

In the contemporary time, a series of events espouse the prediction that Shri Guru ji made some seven decades before. Kashmir Deputy Grand Mufti demanded “A separate nation if India can’t enforce Shariya Courts for Muslims”. In the same line a Maulvi at Bareilly’s influential Dargah Ayala Hazrat passed a hostile fatwa asking Muslim people to boycott Nida Khan—an instant triple Talaq victim and anti-triple Talaq crusader. The arrogant fatwa intended at clinching even the most basic rights of Nida Khan. While a Maulana slapped the female lawyer during a live TV debate in one of the reputed media channels of Bharat.

-Amullaya Gupta
(The Writer is a Researcher in History)

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