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Field Marshal K M Cariappa, VHP and RSS

Field Marshal Gen K M Kariappa with Chakravarty Rajgopalachari and others

Field Marshal Gen K M Kariappa, his brothers and a sister had close relationship with Ashwini Hospital, Mercara, Coorg, a social medical service project of high calibre which served the people of Coorg since 1977. Ashwini Hospital was run by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and everyone knew that to be so. Thirty percent of patients of this hospital were the Kerala Maplas, who were the chief traders in Mercara, Coorg.

The Field Marshal till late, before he shifted to the Army Command Hospital Bengaluru due to old age, used to often stay in Mercara, Coorg. The name of his beautiful bungalow with a large piece of land with tall as well as flowery trees and some plants of coffee was ‘Roshanara’.

When in Coorg, the Field Marshal used to call for his health check-up the Chief Medical Officer, Dr Sanjeev Kelkar, an RSS man, MD in Medicine, of Ashwini Hospital to his bungalow. With the courtesy, characteristic of the highest officer of Indian Army, well-bred in British Discipline, the General that he was then in around 1986, he would personally serve Tea or Coffee with biscuits to the doctor before the examination.

This relationship went further back to 1982, when a group of cyclists from Pune, Hunters, connected with RSS and and its inspired organisations came all the way up from Mangalore at sea level to 4000 feet above it to Coorg with a desire to see and salute the General. Those 20 strapping youth were taken to the General at short notice with the General agreeing to see them, by the chief medical officer himself. It was an afternoon of dense fog, chilled weather and rain. Standing in front of him as they saluted the General responded with all the strength of a Military Commander. On being told that these boys were cycling from Pune to Kanyakumari, he was immensely happy.

Field Marshal’s younger brother K M Nanjappa, an ex-chairman of Allahabad Bank also had a close relationship with Ashwini Hospital. He had, in 1983, told the Surgeon of ‘Ashwini’ Dr Sanjeevanee Kelkar that she will be his doctor now on, in a dinner hosted for all the dignitaries of Coorg by Ashwini Hospital. Nanjappa treated her like his daughter and no dinner in his house would go without her being invited.

The elder brother of the Field Marshal, K M Aiyanna in his old age was looked after by the ‘Ashwini’ Staff till he breathed his last there. The youngest of the brothers K M Boapiah, was a well-wisher and a friend to the Hospital. Their only sister, Ponnavva was treated for various old age related problems over many years, including major fractures by the Ashwini Surgeon. Both Nanjappa and Ponnavva also breathed their last there.

Would an entire family of such high stature ever take medical advice and shower affection for the staff and a Vishwa Hindu Parishad project, over long years if the RSS had attempted to kill the General? CIA is a chronic congenital liar. It can twist and deface anything for some nefarious motive or the other across the world. What credibility has it if it awakens in 2018 to tell us that such an attempt was made in 1950s?

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