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Gurugram double shooting case might be a result of fanatic evangelism


Latest reports suggest, the shocking double shooting case from Haryana in which the official guard to Gurugram Additional District Judge Krishan Kant, shot the judge’s wife and eighteen year old son in broad-daylight, was perhaps a result of fanatic evangelism.

The main accused, constable Mahipal who recently changed his religious affiliations by becoming a Christian, has allegedly been persuading people around him including the judge’s family to do the same. As per reports he has already converted 14 people including a CRPF official. Commissioner of police, KK Rao confirmed, “Investigations are on and we are still to know the real motive. Yes, he had been speaking about the Bible”.

During interrogation, the accused has said that he carried out the crime because of being disturbed by the family’s behavior and that he didn’t like running “errands” for them. Mahipal said Ritu and Dhruv were “devils” and that was why he had shot them, deputy commissioner of police (crime) Sumit Kuhar, informed. He claimed that he felt “possessed” when the crime happened, and also allegedly said that it is a duty of all the Christians to eliminate “demons.”

However failing to establish any real motives behind the murder, the police sources suggest that the accused may be mentally unstable as he often spoke about his conversion to Christianity and quoted extensively from the Bible during interrogation.

On Saturday, Mahipal Singh who had taken judge’s wife Ritu and their son Dhruv for shopping, allegedly shot them near Arcadia market in Gurugram’s Sector 49, and escaped in the judge’s car, as people looked on. Later, he called up the judge, Krishan Kant and told him that he had shot them. He was arrested from Gurugram-Faridabad road about two hours later.

Investigators are also looking into a cryptic Facebook image he uploaded on Friday, a day before the shooting. It appears to be a note with a message, scribbled in a blue pen, which mentions a ‘Pastor Robin’. Mahipal led investigators to a room near Tau Devi Lal stadium on Saturday from where two paintings and a few pamphlets related to religion were recovered. Police did not disclose their contents.

Mahipal’s ‘guru’ is suspected to be Indraraj Singh. According to a CID official, police had on August 21 raided Sawaria Hotel on Nizampur Road in Narnaul — where Mahipal is from — and detained a CRPF constable and 8 others, including Singh. All of them were released after Mahipal intervened. On August 11, 2015, Singh had been arrested in Narnaul on charges of luring people for conversion.

The judge’s wife has succumbed to injuries while the son has also been declared brain dead.

Source: Satyavijayi


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