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Identify and expose the Breaking India forces – Aravinda Rao, former DGP


Breaking India – Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines” – a book by Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Nilakanthan

3-4 Nov 2018, Badruka College, Kachiguda, Hyderabad

“Breaking India forces are trying to divide India again for the second time after 1947 with the support of Christian missionary organizations backed by European nations and United States. To counter such threats our society should be aware of their evil tactics and practices” said Dr K.  Aravinda Rao, the former Director General of Police in united Andhra Pradesh.

Sri Aravinda Rao was one of the speakers in the first session discussed on the initial chapters 1-4 of the book “Breaking India – Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines”.

This one and half day workshop was conducted by Bharatiya Sahitya Parishad, Prajna Bharati and Samachara Bharati on November 3rd and 4th at Badruka College Auditorium, Kachiguda, Hyderabad.

The former police DGP introduced first four chapters of the book which are primarily focused 1. Superpower or Balkanized War Zone?; 2. Overview of European Invention of Races; 3. Inventing the Aryan Race and 4. Imperial Evangelism Shapes Indian Ethnology.

He explained about how British evangelical scholars manipulated the Hindu scriptures to suit their manufactured narratives like Aryan Invasion Theory, and on  `The role of Church’ in intentionally misinterpreting and propagating ‘Arya’ word was explained and how academic chairs were set up to mock Hindu culture and its followers. He narrated on their approach in dealing with social gaps in the Hindu society with a malafide intention to strengthen and continue their British colonial rule in India.

Western countries have converted Christianity as a tool for expansion of their political imperialism across the globe, he added. He asked the participants to bring more awareness in the society about these evil forces and expose them on every public and private platform

The next day, in the second session, senior journalist Sri Raka Sudhakar Rao briefed on chapters 5- 10 of “Breaking India” book titled `Lord Risley Morphs Jati-Varna into Race; Inventing the ‘Dravidian’ Race; Dravidian Racism and Sri Lanka; Digesting Hinduism into ‘Dravidian’ Christianity; Propagation of ‘Dravidian’ Christianity; Dravidian Academic-Activist Network Outside India’.

Sri Sudhakar Rao explained on how Christian evangelists with support of Europe and American universities tied up with Tamilnadu Educational Institutes in encouraging publication of research papers that support the manufactured Dravidian identity connected specifically with the southern part of India. Though the history and root-word of Dravida has geographical connotation only, the Church succeeded in making it as synonym to the race and colour of the people living generally in South India and particularly people belonging to SC/ST community. To exploit further, Church manufactured Dravidian politics and it even went on to build a militant organisation LTTE which was fully funded, backed and supported by Church utilizing their global evangelical network.

Sri Sudhakar Rao cautioned that there are growing voices from the evangelicals and so called Dravidian political base supporting the division of country on the lines of fake Aryan Invasion theory. The linguistics departments of some Tamilnadu universities focus on encouraging the anti-national and anti-Hindu literature. He appealed to all the nationalists to identify and expose these dangerous elements intellectually as well as legally.

Well known author and columnist Sri Bhaskar Yogi in the third session introduced Chapters 11-13 focusing on `Western Discourse on India’s Fragments;  The Afro-Dalit Movement; India: A Neo-Con Frontier to the participants’.

శ్రీ భాస్కర్ యోగి

His speech decoded the method of church in dividing the society. Initially, the Church with the help of Evangelists  identifies a particular society bracketing them as ‘Gospel unreached’, then a section of people among them, would be separated on the basis of color, food or place of their living, then brand  and publicize them as minority or Dalits oppressed by other groups. In the next stage, these so-called Dalits and backward sections would be encouraged to write books and pile-up huge literature known as `Atrocity literature’ against Hindus. In the third stage, they ask them to play the victim card and finally advocate that the `solution’  lies in dividing the country to protect the rights of Dalits and minorities. This method may not be visible in day-to-day lives, but direction of Church is clear when we study the global history and its imperialistic mindset and approach towards the world.  India is the field of this conspiracy and trap, and it is the responsibility of citizens to come out of this nefarious design to  protect centuries old Hindu civilization.

He cited several examples from the ground, on how church brands different rituals of the Hindu society as fault-lines and advertises them as caste based discrimination. Though, Hindu society had gaps at frequent intervals in its history, it also produced several social reformers who were completely accepted and followed by the common man. Deliberately sidelining the Indian social reformers, the Church played an active evil role in exploiting and trapping socially and economically backward people and converted vast sections into Christianity. These new converts strictly follow the instructions of the Church pastors and create fresh troubles in the house, extended families, and in the larger society. Indian Media doesn’t talk about the decline of Christianity in western countries and there’s  need for it to be focused in the public domain to make people aware of the actual happenings around the globe.

Sri N. Ayush, Convenor, Samachara Bharati, introduced Chapters 14 -15 on `India: A Left-wing Frontier & The US Government’s Direct Involvement’. In his power point presentation, Sri Ayush explained about a few persons, who are directly connected to the US security apparatus and agencies, which fund and support anti-Hindu and anti-Indian elements. The US and European countries have converted the UN as their tool to cater to their own foreign policy interests of spreading  evangelism, drafting global policies under the garb of human rights and religious freedoms. He mentioned about several professors of the Indian origin in Indian as well as US universities, who claim to be left-leaning but support western right- wing  which is deeply connected to US political, non-political and evangelical organisations. He explained about how anti-national activities are being labeled as `voices of social justice’ from the oppressed communities. He also cautioned about how Jihadi Islam is getting somewhat `justified’ in US academic institutes and by their agencies.

 Sri Khandavalli Satyadeva Prasad,  thinker and author, briefed on the concluding Chapters 16-19, `British Interventions in Present-day India, Continental European Interventions, India’s Christian Umma, India in the Clash of Civilizations’.

He stated that Breaking India book gives valuable direction in understanding the enemies of Hindu civilisation in this modern era, after the fall of political and ideological imperialism under the banner of Colonialism and communism in the last century. He hinted at the role and history of Church which  reveals the church support to these two anti-human, ant-global ideologies which caused destruction of hundreds of small and big civilisations across the globe. These evil forces failed to conquer Hindus and Bharat for several centuries in their open attempts and wars, but after India’s independence they are playing proxy role under the clear guidance of Church and Islam.

In his talk, Sri  Satyadeva Prasad explained about the European interventions in dividing the society and their subverting techniques applied on India in the last two centuries.

In this workshop, Sri Kasireddy Venkat Reddy from Bharatiya Sahitya Parishad, Sri Mudigonda Sivaprasad, Sri CBI Prasad, Sri Giridhar Mamidi, Padmasree awardee and Pragna Bharati Chairman Sri Thripuraneni Hanuman Chowdhary, President of SC/ST Reservation Parirakshana Samiti Sri Karne Srisailam,, ShivaShakthi organisation founder Sri Karunakar,  Sri Satyanarayana Murthy, Sri Ramakrishna, industrialists Smt Susheela, and members of Pragna Bharati and Samachara Bharati, Sahitya Parishad and many prominent civil society members participated. 


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