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Indresh Kumar appeals women to fight back injustice


Senior Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader and social thinker Indresh Kumar urged the women to fight back any injustice quickly without hiding it for long time. India has been known for its respect and honour for women. They were worshipped as living God in this country since time immemorial, he said and appealed to the countrymen to resolve to restore that respectful position of women in this land once again.

In his message on the ongoing #MeToo campaign, Indresh Kumar said that in India women are looked at as mother, sister and daughter. Most of the incidents happened and now reported under #MeToo did take place during the Congress-led UPA rule, he noted and wondered whether those victims had no faith in the then Congress government about getting justice.

He said that the victims of #MeToo campaign should not have kept mum for so long a period. They should have reported such incidents to police and judiciary.

It is the present government that gave justice to Triple Talaq affected Muslim women emancipating them from decade-long inhuman practice by passing legislation. “It is my appeal to the victims that they should not tolerate injustice for long and immediately take recourse to law”, Indresh Kumar said.

He said that the Congress government had misused the media to propagate the falsehood of ‘Saffron Terrorism’ and indicted many innocent persons inflicting injustice and atrocities on them. They tried to frame me also in this falsehood, but ultimately truth triumphed and all their allegations proved false, he added, saying that the Congress should apologize to the nation for perpetrating atrocities in the name of ‘Saffron Terrorism’ inflicted on innocent persons . He also appealed to the media not to fall in the deceptive trap of the opposition.

He appealed to the government to conduct an impartial enquiry into all the allegations leveled under #MeToo campaign and if found guilty strongest of punishment should be given to them so that the respect, honour of women in India can be re-established. He also appealed to the government to make all possible efforts to give justice through the best legal process to the victims of #MeToo campaign as it did in case of 8.5 crore Muslim women by bringing in a legislation on ‘Triple Talaq’.

Those against whom these allegations of women exploitation are being leveled under #MeToo, should come forward and face them, Indresh Kumar said warning the political parties not politicize this sensitive issue.

India is known for its honour and respect to women since hoary time. Let’s come together and re-establish their respectable position in the society once again and guarantee them security, he said appealing to all the mothers, sisters and daughters not to tolerate any type of exploitation and speak out against injustice without losing time.

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