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Karnataka is becoming a New Haven for Jihadis


The arrest of main accused in the Bodhgaya blast case Jahidul Islam from Ramanagar, Bengaluru and the presence of illegal immigrants in the State has created a fear among the residents. The investigation revealed that Dalai Lama was on the hit list of Islamic terrorists

With recent arrests of several Islamic terrorists from Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka, it seems as though they have opted the State as a haven to continue their anti-India activities. The main accused in the Bodhgaya blast case Jahidul Islam alias Munir was arrested in August this year from Ramanagar which is about 70 Km from the capital Bengaluru. Ramanagar is the Chief Minister HD Kumarswamy’s constituency. Jahidul Islam, an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant, has revealed that Dalai Lama was on their hit list and the plan was hatched for the same while he stayed in and around Bengaluru. Jahidul Islam revealed the plot to the NIA interrogators during the Bodh Gaya blasts trial.

Munir was living in a small house that belonged to one Saif in Ramanagar on rent. He masqueraded as a seller of ready-made garments and dress materials. The local police or the State Anti-terrorist squad had no clue about his presence until the NIA investigation revealed his identity. Munir is said to be the native of Jamalpur in Bangladesh and a member of Bangladeshi terrorist organisation Jamaat Ul Mujahideen (JUM). He entered India illegally and lived in Bengaluru for four years before his arrest. The plan to eliminate the Dalai Lama was hatched when he was staying in Bengaluru. Later another Bangladeshi terrorist Adil Sheikh, a senior member of JUM, was arrested in Bengaluru. While the Chief Minister has stated that no such plans to assassinate Dalai Lama were hatched in Karnataka, the State’s Home Minister G Parameshwar told the press that he was not aware of the work of the NIA. It shows the non-seriousness of the State Government in tackling the issue of illegal immigrants and their terrorist and criminal activities in the State.

The NIA has already filed a charge sheet in the Bodh Gaya blasts case. Senior officials of the NIA have also informed Karnataka DGG IGP about the development as reported by Kannada channels. The NIA in a press note released on September 27 has clearly stated the intentions of the accused. It says, “Accused Jahidul Islam with the help of other co-accused made three IEDs and two hand grenades. The IEDs were planted by Adil Sheikh, Dilwar Hossain and Arif Hussain in the premises of Bodhgaya on January 19, 2018 in order to cause loss to public life and property during the auspicious presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and also during the visit of His Excellency the Governor of Bihar at Bodhgaya, thus committing a terrorist act.”

Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy himself had claimed that there were around 40,000 illegal immigrants from Bangladesh in Karnataka in 2015 when he was the leader of the Opposition 

The recent revelations have raised questions about the State Governments and police preparedness in tackling terrorists and safeguarding the lives of eminent citizens who are on the hit list of the Islamic radicals. As per local media reports, when Home Minister Rajnath Singh had visited Karnataka about a week ago, a team of officials from the Home Ministry had a meeting with the State police officials and expressed their displeasure at the State for not taking up the terror threats seriously. It has also been reported that the Home Ministry has now given a warning to the State Government and the state police over the recent revelations proving that Karnataka is almost becoming a haven for Bangladeshi terrorists.

Lokeshwar, Retired IPS officer, says that our intelligence apparatus have to be spruced up and intelligence sharing also has to be improved. State police already have a model in the ‘Grey Hounds’ of Andhra Pradesh.

Bengaluru, A Home to Illegal Bangladeshis

Bengaluru is home to a large number of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, especially living around the Yelahanka in North Bengaluru and Mahdevpura and adjoining areas in East Bengaluru. These immigrants are residing in camps at Bellandur, Iblur, Devarabeesanahalli, Somasundarapalya, Mullekolalu and other regions. Unofficial estimates put their numbers at around 50,000 in the State.

Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy himself had claimed that there were around 40,000 illegal immigrants from Bangladesh in Karnataka in 2015 when he was the leader of the Opposition. In a letter that he wrote in April 2015, the present CM had informed the then Home Minister, K J George that illegal Bangladeshi immigrants had taken up residence in almost all parts of the state and were working in various professions. He had urged the then Home Minister to take necessary action before the situation goes out of hand. He had also accused that despite being aware of their presence, the Bengaluru police had failed to act. He also added that most of these immigrants had voter ids, ration cards and were enjoying the benefits doled out by the government. Today when he is the CM, HD Kumaraswamy has been silent on the action taken against the illegally residing immigrants in the state. The recent revelations by the NIA have only exposed the hollow concerns of the CM and as a political stunt when in opposition.

– Prashanth Vaidyaraj

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