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Key points of Ayodhya Verdict


The Division Bench of the Hon’ble Supreme Court has given a unanimous 5-0 judgment.

1. Temple would be constructed at  Ramjanmbhoomi in Ayodhya

2. Ram was born at disputed site

3. Babri structure was constructed on a Hindu structure

4. Disputed site cannot be partitioned

5. Sunni Waqf Board should be given an alternate site to construct mosque

6. ASI report gives evidence of 12th century temple

7. No evidnece of Islamic structure found in excavation

8. Mir Baqi constructed the disputed structure

9. ASI report is beyond doubt

10. Hindus worshipped on Ram Chabutara and Sita Rasoi before British

11. Evidence of temple below the disputed structure

12. Babri mosque was not constructed on vacant land, there existed a big Hindu structure below it.

13. Sunni Waqf Board parties failed to prove their claim

14. Construction of Ram Temple should be started within 3 months by forming a trust

15. Disputed site at Ayodhya to be given to Ramlalla

The Central Government should form a Trust within 3 months to start the work of temple construction.


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