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RSS’ man making mission is unique: Sri VV Laxminarayana, former additional DGP Maharastra


Our country is transforming in right direction, though we have number of challenges to overcome. I strongly believe that the Swayamsevaks of RSS have huge role to play in society to make our country once again strong and prosperous, said Sri VV Laxminarayana, former additional DGP, Mumabi, Maharastra and Joint Director of CBI in Hyderabad.

Sri Laxminarayana was speaking as a chief guest at the valedictory ceremony of RSS Pratham varsha Shiksha varga held on 25 May (Friday) at Annojiguda, Medchal district.

Sri VV Laxminarayana, former additional DGP Maharastra

RSS’ man making mission is unique and its focus on all elements like physical, mental and intellectual strength combined with culture and spiritual will definitely help in nation building, added sri Laxminarayana.

Sri Lingam Sridhar, Sah-Pranth Pracharak of Telangana, said, before formation of RSS the society was struggling with crisis of Hindu identity, character and organization. By the tremendous work and sacrifice of Swayamsevaks in the last 92 years now we are able to make people to say proudly “we are Hindus and this is Hindu Rashtra”.

Sri Lingam Sridhar

It is no good to point fingers at Muslims, Christians and Britishers for the things happened in the last 1000 years. We know how dark chapter it was in our history. Now it’s time to prove ourselves on the global stage on our own strength and character, Sridhar ji added.

He also appealed to the society, especially to the youth to come and join RSS and play an active role in nation building.

In this 20-day RSS Pratham Varsha, 419 Swayamsevaks, from all walks life including students, farmers, businessmen, employees and teachers were participated. They performed various skills learned in the training camp.

Maa. Sri B Dakshinaamoorty, Pranth Sanghachalak, Sri A Shyam, Dakshina-Madya khestra pracharak, Sri Kacham Ramesh, pranth karyavah and several Sangh adhikaris were present in this camp.


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