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Mahbubabad: No Discrimination in Temple Entry – Fact Finding Report

A mischievous attempt to create misapprehensions between different groups in Mahbubabad district has been foiled by am alert villager who took it upon himself to bring facts to light.
The Sarpanch of Ameenapur village in Kesamudram mandal of the district had complained that the organisers of the Ram Navami mela at the local Sri Bhooneela Venkateswara Swamy did not invite her to the festivities as she is a Dalit. This statement was carried extensively in media.
However, pained at the false allegations, Banala Nagaraju, a villager has presented the facts of the matter and VSK Telangana is publishing the details of his clarification to set the record straight.
The Sarpanch Rajamani is a Christian by faith and is a regular church goer and has never attended any Hindu festivities or programmes.
In fact, except for the Sarpanch, all villagers across caste lines participated in the Ram navami festival with devotion and gaiety.
The organizing committee has not extended a personal invitation to anyone as it has always been a tradition for villagers to voluntarily take part in the festivities.
When media falsely reported that there was discrimination, the temple committee and villagers have approached the Sarpanch and have clarified the matter.
The villagers allege that the Sarpanch’s statement  is nothing but a politically motivated stunt, keeping in view the ensuing ZPTC and MPTC elections.!!


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