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Organised Hindu society will be beacon  of global peace and stability: Dr Krishna Gopal

When other ancient civilizations like Persia, Egypt, Rome have been vanquished beyond trace by invaders, Bharath rose like phoenix from ashes thanks to renaissance of Hindu society from time to time.  Now entire world is looking upon us to bring it out from quagmire of violence and consumerism, said Dr Krishna Gopal, Sah Sarkaryavah of Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh at Vijayadashami Utsav organised by RSS Bhagyanagar on 24th Sept, 2017 at NTR Stadium grounds, Hyderabad.
Vijaydashami is the day that signifies victory of good over evil. The clash between the evil powers and civilized powers exist perennially but evil look powerful primarily because it has been always tough to unite positive forces. In our civilisation all power manifest in form of “Stree shakthi”.
Dr. Hedgewar founded the RSS on Vijayadashami day in 1925 in Nagpur. It has been working relentlessly for the last 92 years to consolidate the Hindu society and thereby usher glorious era of prosperity of the nation.  RSS activities are running in over 80000 places in the country and Sangh swayamsevaks are involved in conducting over 1.7 lakh service activities. Due to relentless work of swayamsevaks today we see Independence Day and Republic Day now being openly being celebrated with pride even in North-eastern states which have been for long suffering violence of separatists forces.
But path has not been easy for sangh swayamsevaks.400 swayamsevaks have been killed in Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Till  now 35 swayamsevaks have been killed by anti national forces in Kerala alone this year.
Talking about separatist language being spoken by some of the section of the minorities, he recalled the words of Sardar Patel who said that a community which is capable of partitioning a nation cannot be called minority. He categorically stated that post-Independent India will not have religion based reservations.
He urged the swayamsevaks to reach to all sections of society and eradicate all forms of discrimination. Such a society will be a beacon of light to the entire world which is struggling with various issues of harmony.
Chief guest of the program Sri Vinod Kumar Agarwal, Retd IAS, appreciated the disciplined turnout of RSS swayamsevaks and said green shoots of glorious future after thousand years of foreign rule are now visible and lauded the role played by the RSS in bringing  such decisive and positive changes in the society.
On the occasion of 70th year of its presence in Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad), all the shakhas in the city gathered in full uniform to celebrate the Vijayadashami Utsav. Over 10000 swayamsevaks participated in Sanchalan (route march) of over 4 km.
In addition, thousands of people from all over the city came to witness the event.


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