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RSS Vijaya Sankalpa Sibir to be held in Hyderabad


Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh , Telangana

Press Meet addressed by Prant Karyavah ( State Secretary ) Sri Kacham Ramesh and Sri B. Dakshinamoorthy, ( Prant Sanghchalak ) State President on Dec 23rd at Keshav Nilayam, Barkatpura.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh plans various activities to strengthen and expand Sangh shakhas from time to time. RSS is expanding its presence in villages too. It is succeeding in instilling nationalistic spirit in the society, especially among youth. Swayamsevaks are engaged in conducting more than 1.5 lakh wide-ranging service activities including eradicating caste discrimination and environmental protection.

District level camps are held once in every 3-4 years, this year a state evel camp for shakha and other senior karyakartas is being held between 24-26 Dec 2019 at Bharat engineering college, Ibrahimpatnam. Pujaneeya Sarsanghchalak Dr. Sri Mohanji Bhagwat would be present on all 3 days giving his valuable guidance to karyakartas.  Pujaneeya Sri Bhagwat ji would also address the public meeting to be held at 5pm, on 25.12.2019 at Saroor nagar stadium, Sri BVR Mohan Reddy garu, Founder-chairman Cyient Technologies would be the chief-guest on the occasion. All are welcome to attend the public event.

In the 3-day camp, about 10500 karyakartas from all over Telangana would attend, age group includes karyakartas from 14-80 years and would have various activities including competitions, games & intellectual discourse by elders. More than 10000 karyakartas including youth and seniors are engaged day and night to organize the camp and public meeting. In the camp premises at Bharat Institute of Engineering & Technology, Ibrahimpatnam, 5 zones –Jogulamba Nagaram, Yadadri Nagaram, Bhadradri Nagaram, Sammakka Saaralamma Nagaram, Bhagyalakshmi Nagaram have been organized to reflect the glorious Telangana culture. In each of the 5 zones, 1500-2500 karyakartas from different districts of Telangana are being provided  accommodation and food facilities, and would also have zone-wise general meeting venues. There would also be a larger arena for collective group activities, to conduct games, drill and other physical activities. A photo-gallery `Chitra Pradarshini’ & a digital theatre is being organized reflecting socio-cultural aspects of Telangana.

Many great leaders and personalities who are engaged in crucial positions in various fields in the country are shaped in such camps, learning and mingling with others in various activities.This is an outcome of the grit of swayamsevaks and the design of programs in the Sangh in shaping individuals by inculcating discipline and patriotic fervor in the camps even to this day.    

Sangh expansion in telangana

  •        2016 shakhas running in 2018 have increased to 3494 shakhas this year in 2019 which reflects a huge increase.
  •         Out of a total 1613 upa-mandals ( cluster of villages ) in telangana state, sangh shakhas are spread in 1000 upamandals, an increase of 70% this year in 2019.
  • ·         In towns, among 1437 total bastis, shakhas have now increased by 70% and cover 1000 bastis this year in 2019.  A basti is of 10000 population
  •         In Hyderabad city in a total of 789 bastis, over 547 bastis are covered with 800 shakhas this year in 2019.
  •         1065 service activities are running in 1608 places in the state providing succor and relief to under-privileged sections. In addition, 1183 upa-krams are run by shakas. Upakrams are intiatives that cover wide-ranging social activities like  social justice and empowerment – samarasatha, village development, family empowerment, environment protection and so on.

We invite media personnel to come for the public meeting on Dec 25th at 5pm in which Pujanaeeya Sarsangchalak Dr. Mohanji Bhagwat will give his address. We also invite them to cover the route march at LB Nagar X roads between 330 pm to 4 pm.


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