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Selective ‘secularist’ Naseeruddin should clear, Who is behind his utterances? – VHP


New Delhi. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) termed Naseeruddin Shah’s outburst on the Bulandshahar episode, a sponsored statement. The VHP said that Shah gets paid to act in films, so was this statement seems a sponsored one? Dr. Surendra Jain, Jt. Gen Secy. of the VHP said that it is now crystal clear that the movement of the “Award-wapsi gang” was also a sponsored one on the same way. It is quite clear that there will be a series of such statements with the 2019 elections in sight. Opportunists, like these, will now start a campaign by giving such baseless statements. Naseeruddin Shah’s statement is not only politically motivated, but also utterly communal and has the potential to derail the environment of the nation. He warned that such people should not humiliate Hindus by demeaning the pious work of cow protection.

Dr. Jain asked why he did not show the same level of empathy with the Sikh victims of 1984 riots or the dastardly killings of Hindus in the Kashmir valley in 1990? Why was Naseeruddin Shah not angry when 59 Hindus got burnt alive in Godhra, which included women and children? In many Muslim dominated areas like Mallapuram, Hindu students bound to partake lunch in lavatories during the month of Ramzan. Is this not enough to exhort Naseeruddin Shah into action? Why does his sensitivity not come into play then? When Ankit, Chandan, Prashant Pujari, Arun Mahor and the like were murdered by Jihadis, why his twitter account go to sleep? Why don’t any of these pseudo seculars speak against the jihadi mobs go on rampage and destroy the Shahid Smarak in his own city of Mumbai?

He also said that these film actors are bestowed with all the love by fans of Bharat mata. But, for a few selfish motives, they end up destroying the communal fabric of the same country. People like him will have to answer why they keep making statements which create tension between communities.

VHP strongly condemns such statements and hopes that these people will not vitiate the atmosphere, like they did during the last general elections. VHP condemns all murders, be it that of a human being or a cow. But one must wait for the results of the investigation before coming to any conclusion. VHP also calls upon everyone not to play with the sentiments of the Hindus by demeaning the good work of cow protection.

Source: VSK Bharat


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