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Seva Bharati striving to reach medical aid to the poor


Seva Bharati, a city-based NGO, has set up a Mobile Medical Aid to help the marginalised people with medical treatment. Due to lack of proper treatment many people, especially slum-dwellers suffer the most, and to help these people with proper medical aid, the NGO is coming to their rescue by providing medical treatment free of cost.

Four days a week, the medical van would visit various slums in the city to provide free basic healthcare, medicine and also counseling. Slum-dwellers can avail medical services like general check-up, fever or persistent cold, says Narasimha Murthy, secretary, Seva Bharati Trust.

He further said that the medical van is equipped with a doctor from Gandhi Hospital or ESI hospital, a nurse, a pharmacist and 10 volunteers. The consultancy would be set up in a community hall of the area. “We will set up a small diagnostic laboratory that can conduct blood tests, measure platelets and even tests for typhoid, malaria, and dengue could be done.

In 2014, this service began to help the marginalised people with better treatment. 200 to 300 patients are treated through mobile medical aid. This project is funded by crowded funding. Doctors and other medical staff provide service for free.

“There is a help desk at the outpatient block by the Trust at ESI and Gandhi Hospital, where we guide the people and inform about our services. Apart from this, the Trust also conducts various health camps in government schools and also provide meals three times a day at a nominal price of Rs 10 at Gandhi Hospital,” informed Murthy.


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