Home News St. Adams High School in Hyderabad turns away student in ‘Ayyappa Mala’

St. Adams High School in Hyderabad turns away student in ‘Ayyappa Mala’


A student from St. Adams High School, Chikadpally, Hyderabad, was reportedly not allowed to write an exam because he was wearing the ‘Ayyappa Mala’, according to a video doing the rounds on social media.

The video purports to show the student being told to leave the school as he was not wearing shoes. School officials were not available for comment. It was not clear when the video was shot.

The video shows that the student is crying because he was made to stand outside the class. A few people wearing the Ayyappa Mala were seen arguing with the school authorities for punishing the kid for not wearing shoes which is generally not allowed during Ayyappa Mala puja.

Ms Anjali Razdan, vice-chairperson, Hyderabad Sahodaya (CBSE) Schools Complex, said, “In my opinion, this is a case of not wearing the prescribed school uniform. The child should have not been reprimanded to the extent of being moved out of the class or made to cry. A small warning should have been enough.”

Many annoyed Hyderabadis have shared hate posts after they saw the video. City parents associations alleged that he was punished for wearing Ayyappa Mala and demanded strict action against the school.

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle



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