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Telugu becomes compulsory subject for students up to Class X in all Telangana schools


Telugu has become officially the first language for school students in Telangana. On Saturday, the State Legislative Assembly unanimously passed the Telangana (Compulsory Teaching and Learning of Telugu in Schools) Bill 2018. By this students studying upto class X, irrespective of any media need to learn the Telugu language as compulsory.

Deputy Chief Minister (Education) Kadiam Srihari explaining about provisions of the Bill in the Assembly, The language would be introduced in first and sixth classes of primary and high schools, respectively, commencing from the academic year of 2018-19.

He added that the language will be introduced in other classes in a phased manner over next five years up to Class X for students of all schools, including government, aided, residential and private notwithstanding their medium of instruction or State and Central Boards of Education.

 “Considering the difficulty in understanding the language for students of other media and mother tongues, the syllabus will be different for students of Telugu medium and other media including English, Urdu and other medium of instruction,” the Deputy Chief Minister said.

For instance, syllabus for Class VI students of English medium or other media would be similar to Class I syllabus of Telugu medium.


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