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VHP Asks Centre To Implement Uniform Civil Code


The Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Union Government to implement the Uniform Civil Code “without any further delay”, in a resolution passed during a meeting of its board of trustees and management committee in Nagpur on Saturday.

“[The code] will ensure the unity and integrity of the country, and secure the human rights of all citizens. This will also put an end to the oppression of women, and make all the citizens of the country accountable to the constitution and the law of land,” the resolution, proposed by VHP’s international joint general secretary Surendra Jain, read.

“It was the only resolution passed during this three-day long meet,” Mr. Jain said.

“The different personal laws for different communities were brought by the British to create a Hindu-Muslim divide. There is a directive principle of state policy in the Constitution of India, which calls for the Uniform Civil Code. Dr. Ambedkar had also advocated it. The Muslim community is getting radicalised. The members of the Muslim Personal Law Board used objectionable language to oppose [the code]. The attacks on the Hindus has also seen a rise this year,” Mr. Jain claimed.

The VHP has also formed an “action plan” to protect Hindus. “The Bajrang Dal will be expanded in every village and town of the country. It has been given two responsibilities — one is to provide ‘Trishuls’ to every Hindu, and second is organising ‘Maha-arati’ [grand prayer] in every area. The Bajrang Dal will also impart martial arts training to Hindu youth. But we will work within the constitutional limits and will not use any kind of violence,” Mr. Jain said.

Courtesy: The Hindu


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