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“We had to face the consequences of being Hindu, I don’t want to go back to Pakistan”, sad story of a Hindu Girl 


It is hard to imagine that in the vicinity of plush farmhouses of Chattarpur area in Delhi, next to Sanjay Colony, there is a place where Hindus migrated from Pakistan are living in a huge number. A cluster of hutments, most of them are half constructed or just a piling of bricks covered with temporary sheds. No roads, no clean water, no sanitation and no basic amenities, they are forced to live in this pathetic condition, thanks to the persecution faced by them in their home country, Pakistan.

“I gave up my studies after class 8 and came to India years ago. I have no identity to get admission in Indian schools, but still, I feel that this is my country and feel like home here. India is like my watan (motherland). I am happy in India even in these circumstances. In Pakistan, we were forced to recite Kalma and Quran in school, and when we deny reciting these, we had to face the consequences. Muslims taunt us for being Hindus and laugh at our religious practices.” said Kavita, a minor girl in the camp. Kavita has been living with other migrated Hindus from Pakistan.
“Hindu students are not allowed to drink water in the schools as Muslim students use that facility. We have to carry our own water from home. There is no freedom in Pakistan for us. Here I can go anywhere without fear. I don’t want to go to Pakistan again” she added.

Ramnandan (on request of anonymity), a man at the camp told to Organiser “I spent my 40 years in slavery. I was living in Umerkot (Sindh) with my family. There is no respect for Hindus in Pakistan. They call us Kafirs. I don’t know why my ancestors stayed there for so long. We are treated as second-class citizens there. I have lost everything; my home, my land (tear in his eyes). Some of our relatives are still living there and waiting for the appropriate time to come to India. Pakistanis treat Hindus and other minorities as animals.”

“Muslims hate Hindus and call us ‘Haraam’ there. They torture Hindus and ask them to act accordingly. Whatever they see new at our place they forcefully take away, whether it is a bike or anything. They collect ransom from us to live there. I came to India for my children, so that they can live a better life. I spent my 40 years in slavery, but I don’t want my children to experience that life. I escaped to avoid further discrimination and religious persecution”, were the emotions of a poor helpless man.

At the same time, a woman in her 30s was gazing at me from the corner through her customary Ghunghat. She was Nazeera. When asked about her peculiar Muslim sounding name, her reply was shocking. She said, “My parents deliberately kept my name sounding like a Muslim one to save me from Muslims. Hindu women are not safe in Pakistan. The situation of Hindus in Pakistan is very bad — no basic rights and no education. We were living there in pathetic condition. We came to India to live a fearless life.”

– Nishant Kr Azad
Source: Organiser


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