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A wall that breaks down barriers to gifting

Young dentist in Telangana invites people to leave unwanted clothes and articles for the needy to pick up


A Wall of Kindness created by E. Shravani Seenu Nayak, a young dentist, has opened a season of giving from those who have things to spare.

Echoing the free meal coupons donated by anonymous people that made Kozhikode famous, the wall in Nizamabad, Telangana, encouraged people to deposit things that they don’t need anymore.

Dr. Nayak got the idea from the internet, and was inspired by her maid’s thoughts. She had a painter inscribe her appeal on one of the boundary walls at Lion’s Hospital, in Khaleelwadi opposite Rajiv Gandhi Auditorium asking people in Telugu to leave their ‘useless’ things there, which the needy could pick up. The plan was soft-launched on June 4 . The response started coming soon enough: a small girl left her school bag. Over the next few days, people started keeping clothes, footwear, books and other articles beneath the wall with the painted message, right on the footpath.

One teenager who had just completed Class 10 donated books. Footwear left at the spot was quickly picked up by a poor girl who found relief from the scorching heat. The season of giving was well into its peak, with more and more items coming everyday, says the dentist, who has taken her own interest in reusing, recycling and reshaping things public with the project.

Great expectations

“I prayed for one rupee but god gave me a thousand. It is owned by the people and now I am happy. My husband Dr. Seenu Naik who is a dentist immediately endorsed my idea,” says Dr. Shravani, visibly happy at the big response to her social outreach.

As things picked up pace, a rack was set up at the place to protect the items left by donors from rain. A makeshift structure to keep the things safe from moths and monsoon showers will be installed there. At present, clothes are kept on hangers.

The concept of the free meals donations in Kozhikode was that anyone who felt hunger could get a coupon from the designated places, funded by donors, and get food without losing dignity.

The Wall of Kindness adds a green dimension, bringing unwanted articles to those who have some pressing use for them.


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