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‘Amrut Mitti’ to turn barren lands into fertile fields


Now barren lands can be converted into fertile fields. Thanks to the innovation of Alka Lahoti, an ingenious and dedicated lady from Bijnaur in UP. Alka Lahoti runs a ‘Goshala’ at Nagina in Bijnaur and has prepared a new type of fertiliser called ‘Amrut Mitti’ by using cow dung and urine.

This ‘Amrut Mitti’ can be used to convert barren lands into fertile fields, she claims.

Settled in Indonesia, Alka has come to her paternal home in Bijnaur in Uttar Pradesh where she had a plot of land and started a ‘goshala’ there a couple of years ago. She visited the ‘Go Vigyan Anushadhan Kendra’ at Devlapar near Nagpur last couple of months ago and obtained training in preparing this special kind of fertiliser with cow dung and urine.

With spraying this ‘Amrut Mitti’ the farmers can switch over to bio-farming. The farmers of the district will be given training to prepare this special fertiliser at their homes, she said.

Alka said that with the wanton use of chemical fertilisers the fertility of soil is at stake. It is affecting the health of the soil and human beings also. The soil testing conducted by the district agriculture department reported increase in salinity of the soil. With the increase in salinity and Ph ions the fertile agriculture lands of Bijnaur are going barren.

The nature of soil is changing to saline leading to increase in harmful salts. This has affected the capacity of the soil to receive nutrients to sustain the crops. These symptoms can be reduced and even nullified with the use of ‘Amrut Mitti’, Alka Lahoti claims.

 ‘Amrut Mitti’ is made with the use of cow dung and urine of the ‘desi’ cows.

Cow dung contains high percentage of carbonic and uric acid and urea. This forms the bacteria to dissolve linseed and dry leaves in the soil. Once it is spread in the fields it acts with speed in dissolving the remains of crops and dry leaves in the fields thus making carbon elements which make the soil fertile.

Alka Lahoti plans to impart training to make ‘Amrut Mitti’ to farmers of Bijnaur besides making it in her ‘goshala’. She is also inspiring the farmers to rear ‘desi’ cows instead of going for jersey breeds.

This how ‘Amrut Mitti’ is made:

First a layer of around 2.5 feet of soil is made and dry leaves are spread over it. The liquid mix of urine and dung of ‘desi’ cow is sprinkled on it and then seeds are added to it. This process is repeated after a period of 21 days twice. This ‘Amrut Mitti’ gets ready to be spread in the fields 21 days after the third cycle. 30 qtls of ‘Amrut Mitti’ is sufficient for one bigha of land.

Courtesy: NewsBharati


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