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Asserting our Indian identity & values is the antidote to urbanNaxalism – Sri Vivek Agnohotri

Sri K. Aravinda Rao, Dr Hanuman Chowdary, Sri Vivek Agnihotri, Sri Ramesh Babu (Right to Left)

We are in the midst of war between manufactured and manipulated narratives about India and its culture propagated and advertised by foreigners in collaboration with urban Naxals. To defeat these efforts, we must  assert ourselves on our identity and stand proudly for the values and system that we inherited over thousands of years, said Sri VivekAgnohotri in Hyderabad on Friday.

Sri Vivek, a film-maker and an author, was in the city for the launch of his book titled “Urban Naxals –Buddha in Traffic Jam” at the Badruka College Auditorium, Kachiguda organized by Indic Academy of Hyderabad chapter and Pragna Bharati.

He shared his personal experience in with the domination of urban naxals who are running academia and administerations sections of Indian universities under the garb of intellectuals and progressive thinkers, spoke of the difficulties he had while trying to screen his film, “Buddha in Traffic Jam”.

Although we are a liberal and open minded society with a glorious history of thousands of years, with a vast galaxy of political thinkers, spiritual gurus, social reformers and philosophers, yet we are force-fed and indoctrinated by these urban Naxals to look towards foreigners, particularly Communist ideology and thinkers in the name of building an egalitarian society.

Former DGP of Andhra Pradesh Sri K. AravindaRao, said, during his three decades of tenure in police service, he came across several innocent people who were stuck and trapped and in the clutches of Naxal ideology, misled by the assumption that they are fighting for justice and rights of downtrodden, not realising that the path they have chosen to address these social issues is wrong.

He also said that he came to know of the role of foreign funded NGOs in nurturing Naxal elements and their narrative only after he retired from service.

Cautioning the parents and younger generation,  Sri Aravinda Rao  added that we must be aware of the nefarious designs of these urban Naxals who target the vulnerable college and university going students who have less exposure alternative schools of thoughts.

Sri K Ramesh Babu, Founder of CHSS and an expert on Counter-Terrorism, said that a strange narrative is being slowly injected into the Indian universities where reading a Bible and doing a Namaz is  secular, but conducting Saraswati pooja branded as a communal.  Similarly, left wing ideology is being branded as secular while right wing is portrayed as communal.

Sri Ramesh added that carriers of this binary and biased thinking and ideology should be checked and exposed for the better future of our country. He congratulated the Sri Vivek for exposing the urban naxals in this book.

Sri T Hanuman Choudary, Padmasri awardee and the chairman of PragnaBharati , said that it is the collective responsibility of everyone from all walks of life, particularly of intellectuals and socially influential personalities to stop the activities of these urban naxals who are trying to convert Indian universities into Marxist-madarasas.

The book launch was attended by Sri Srinivas Udumudi, from Indic Academy, N. Ayush, members of Pragna Bharati and many more participated in the event.


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