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At the core of Deendayalji’s philosophy is care for the marginalised and poor: Dr.A.Suryaprakash


“The vision and ideas of Deendayalji have been relegated to the background for over 70 years. Post independence, we swung from one ideology to another without having any cohesive long term vision rooted in the ethos of our civilization”, said Dr. A Surprakash garu, Chairman of Prasar Bharati in his key note address at seminar held in Hyderabad on 26th August 2017.

The seminar titled “Integral Humanism – Direction to the World” was co-organized by Samachara Bharati Cultural Association and Chetana at Kondapur.

First we were infatuated by the socialistic model of Russia and then by West’s capitalism leading to a confused and ill amalgamated economic theory of ‘Mixed Economy’. But, we have to look into the philosophy of Integral humanism – which is rooted in our Dharmic traditions, he noted.

Speaking on the occasion of the centenary birth year of Pt. Deendayal Upadhayaya, Dr.A. Suryaprakash added that “those who do not believe in concept of ‘Motherland’ are open threat to national security and unity.”

One must earn his bread is a western concept. But way back in 1967, Deendayalji said the even children, old, invalid who cant earn their bread must be cared and fed by the society. Man must work not merely for his bread but to also fulfill his social obligations and responsibilities.

Communists & Socialists did not understand “The Integral Man”. We want neither Socialism nor capitalism. We want Happiness of the integral man.

To educate a child is responsibility of society. To charge fees for education and medical care is not our tradition. Society must nurture a child for its on long term interest and well being.

He also noted that no Princely State charged for education before Independence . Society used to bear the education cost. Free medical aide should also be made as government responsibility. If a person has to pay for these basic needs, then that will not qualify to be a Dharmic state.

Man has a limitation of his hands and needs assistance of machinery. They have to work together and is not independent of the other. Guaranteeing work to every able bodied individual is a responsibility of the state.

One cannot miss the influence of Deendayalji’s thoughts on schemes such Jan Dhan Yojana, Skill India, Crop insurance, Beti-bachao – Beti-padhao introduced by Narendra Modi government. Over 25 Crores bank accounts have been opened under Jan Dhan Yojana, many of them with zero balance. This is a feat which has no parallel any where in the world. This government is also taking up ‘Right’ to work . Is it not criminal to brand such a thinker as “Right Winger” and an icon of merely one party?

Deendayalji had holistic thought. Nehruvians and Marxists consciously conspired to keep his views out of national memory. Gandhi, Nehru, Marx are taught in our school, its time we include Deendayalji’s life and teaching in our academic curriculum. Though he was not elected MP but his vision is producing hundreds of MPs.

The time has come for Bharat to correct the historical injustice and its our responsibility to give him due place in our history and public discourse.

About Deendayalji once Atalji recalled “Politics for him was a means not end. He was not only proud of past but always ready to face future challenges.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modiji said: “The first thing I remember about him is his simplicity and he always asserted on Karyakarta nirmaan who will build party and Party will think of the nation.”

The chief guest of the event was Sri Subramanian Krishnamurthy, Associate professor of ISB. Addressing the audience he said that economy cannot be measured by only GDP. We have to create an environment where people have more jobs. Industry and research should work in tandem to create such environment where people and native ideas thrive.

More than 200 elders belonging to various sections of society attended the event.

Sri Gopal Reddy, President of Samachara Bharati and a retired professor, said the thoughts of Deendayalji need to be accommodated in our academic curriculum.

Sri Sri Subramanian Krishnamurthy, Gopal Reddy, A. Suryaprakash (R-L)