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Birsa Munda Jayanti celebrated in Indravelli. 


The 147th birth anniversary of Bhagwan Birsa Munda was celebrated under the joint auspices of Samajika Samarasta Vedika  and Tudum Debba at Nagoba Mandir, at Keslapur Indravelli mandal. Four Sarmedi elders  and 31 patels from 37 villages attended.

Sri Appala Prasad, who was the Chief Guest, speaking on the occasion, said it is commendable that tribals, who have adopted the glorious Indian culture from the times of the Vedas to the times of Ramadan and Mahabharat, are still following the customs and traditions. “The young hero Birsa Munda who fought the British to preserve the language, attire, culture and customs as well as for the rights of forest, trees and water, is a legendary example for everyone. We have forces amidst us that are trying to estrange us from our belief systems and our gods. Hence, be alert and watchful so that conversions are prevented,” he said. He also called upon Vanavasis to strive for  the development of their economic, social and cultural systems.

Speaking on the occasion, Secretary of Tudum Debba, Kodava Naresh said the various methods of tribal and rural self-reliance were taken into consideration as a democratic system and have been mentioned in the Constitution. Vanavasi leader Sedam Sri Bhim Rao called for a movement to protect tribal rights.

The Elders who participated in the programme were felicitated with a shawl and a portrait of Birsa Munda. And blankets were distributed to 100 women. Indravelli Nagoba temple Matha head  Mesram  Venkat Rao, Mesram Anand Rao, Mandir president, Arka Kammu,  Sir Medi Pandra Amrit Rao, Keslapur village Sarpanch Koode Kailash,  Mesram Rajeswar, Anniversary Celebrations Committee Convenor Marapa Raju, SC, ST leader Jugunaku Bharat, Tudum Debba Mandal President, Ganga Reddy, Samarasta state vice president, Tudum Debba Mandal Convenor  Barik Rao and Dharma Jagaran leader Bhabhruvahan participated.

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