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Book launch ceremony ‘TAAI’


Marathi Sahitya Parishad Telengana , organised Book launching ceremony of book “TAAI ” by the hands of Honourable former vice president of India Shri Venkahaiji Naidu, in presence of Padmabhushan Sumitratai Mahajan , author of the book Medha kirit and jam packed audiance present in auditorium of KMIT, Narayanguda, Hyderabad on 9th April 2023.

The book “TAAI ” is written by Medha Kirit about inspiring journey of Loksabha speaker Padmabhushan Sumitratai Mahajan. This book was launched 3 years back in Marathi. Because of it’s overwhelming response, sharamila Bhagwat translated this book in English for world wide readers.

The program started with Saraswati vandana sung by Archana.

Vidya Deodhar , President of Marathi Sahitya Parishad Telengana, in her opening speech, welcomed the Padmabhushan Sumitratai Mahajan, Former vice president of India, Shri Venkahaiji Naidu and author of the book , Medha kirit.

Vidyatai has given the broad idea about various works done by Marathi Sahitya parishad right from its formation in 1958. She spoke about various works done by Marathi Sahitya parishad. She informed that Marathi Sahitya Parishad is publishing quarterly magazine Panchdhara right from establishment of Marathi Sahitya Parishad. It has published many visheshank. Recently published are Gazal, Shankar Ramani, visheshank. For quarter October 22 to December 22 and January 23 to March 2023 ( Joint issue ), Marathi Sahitya Parishad have published Library visheshank as a mark of respect to Marathi granth sangrahalay which is celebrating it’s Centenary year. She also talked about Marathi Mahavidyalay run by Marathi Sahitya parishad and informed that due to non grant by government, now Marathi sahitya parishad is finding it difficult to continue this Mahavidyalay.

Vidya Deodhar felicitated Padmabhushan Sumitratai Mahajan Former Loksabha speaker. Then Padmabhushan Sumitratai Mahajan Former Loksabha speaker felicitated Former vice president of India Shri Venkahaiji Naidu . Sumitratai also felicitated Medha kirit author of the book ” TAAI “

In the honor of the exceptional works and services rendered for society , on behalf of Marathi Sahitya Parishad, N.G.Rajurkar, Dr. Gowrishankar Palanitkar, Advocate Narayanrao Deshpande and Sushilatai Mahajan were felicitated by Venkahaiji. Prakash Dharm was felicitated for creating a new logo for Marathi Sahitya Parishad.On behalf of Marathi granth sangrahalay, Vivek Deshpande felicitated, Venkahaiji, Sumitratai and Medha Kirit.

Medha kirit author of the book in her speech talked about inspiring journey of Padmabhushan Sumitratai Mahajan, as a Loksabha speaker. She told that this book is not a biography of Sumitratai but is about exemplary works done by her as a Loksabha speaker.

Book “TAAI “was launched and also Library visheshank of Panchdhara quarterly magazine of Marathi Sahitya Parishad was released. New logo of Marathi Sahitya Parishad was also launched.

Sumitratai Mahajan in her speech talked about her experiences as a Loksabha speaker and her association with Bhartiya janata party. She praised the working of Venkahaiji as a minister, Rajya sabha speaker and Vice president of India. She said that I wanted English version of book “TAAI ” to be launched only at the hands of Venkahaiji. Today I am happy that it has taken place. She thanked Vidyatai and Marathi Sahitya Parishad for organizing this event.

Venkahaiji Naidu started his speech with two sentences in Marathi. Venkahaiji in his speech said that it’s my privilege to release the book “TAAI “. It is a account of her tact,wisdom, maturity ,patience , diligence and propriety as the presiding officer of Loksabha. Fascinating aspect of today’s function is , function is driven by ladies. Book is authored by Medha kirit, translated in english by Sharmila Bhagwat, book is about Sumitratai and function is organized by Vidyatai Deodhar.

I know Sumitratai since last 30 years and when we were actively associated with Bhartiya Janata party. Both of us faced many challenging situations as presiding officer in both the houses. Sumitratai is a text book example of how a speaker should behave with composure, tact, impartiality and wisdom. In this book ” TAAI ” author Medha kirit , sheds the light on many of these difficult and challenging situations and how she has handled it. Book also describes how Sumitratai burnt mid night oil to study the rules and procedures of Loksabha once she assumed the office.

Sumitratai has a taste of literature and has command on Marathi ,Hindi, Sanskrit and English. She proved her mettle in public life through her life time dedication to society. She was Loksabha member for 8 times in a row. Indore was declared as a cleanest city 5 times.

Let me add here that Sharp decline in parliamentary discourse and also public discourse is a matter of serious concern to all of us. Disputes and differences are an important aspects of democratic traditions but defaming and denigrating one another and showing disrespect to constitutional authorities is not a welcome sign.

Venkahaiji in speech further added that over the past many centuries, Maharashtrian community has contributed richly to this region in all the domains. Many notable Marathi institutes such as Bharat gunvardhan sansatha, Vaidik dharm prakashika, Vivek vardhini educational institute, Marathi granth sangrahalay which is celebrating it’s Centenary year. I learn that there are about 26 Marathi institutes serving social and cultural causes such as Bhagini mandal, Maharashtra Mandal, Kalabhishek, Chitpawan sangh, Health league, Mitrangan and Marathi Sahitya katta. I am glad that Marathi Sahitya Parishad had invited me today for this function. Venkahaiji ended his speech with two sentences in Marathi

Shailaja Joshi, Secretary, Marathi Sahitya Parishad Telengana state, proposed vote of thanks and program was very nicely compared by Vankatesh kulkarni and Ujawala Dharma.

-Arun Dawalekar