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Church conspiring to bring Vatican’s puppet Governments in Bharat: VHP

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Reacting on the persistent attacks made by the Church on the Governments at the centre and states the Vishwa Hindu Parishad said that the church is conspiring in a big way with the Vatican to prop up puppet Governments at the centre and states to fulfil their agenda.

The Joint Gen Secretary of VHP, Dr Surendra Jain, today said that after the Archbishop of Delhi, now the Arch Bishop of Goa too feels that the constitution is in danger. It is now amply clear that the church of Bharat in collusion with the Vatican is trying to create an atmosphere of distrust against the present government. Why does the church behave in this fashion only when there is a BJP Govt. in office? A malicious campaign about attacks on churches was made by these people when Modiji took over as the PM. When their falsehood was exposed, they did not show their courtesy to apologise for the same. During the reign of Atal ji, the church had breached all boundaries of decency.The kind of allegations that these people had made against the Atal regime cannot be even discussed in a civilised society.The VHP had then requested the National Commission for Minorities to conduct an enquiry into the allegations. Even the Commission agreed that the allegations were untrue.

Dr Jain added that the Vatican not only denigrates the Hindus all over the world but also Bharat as a nation. The Indian church, by acting as a puppet in their hands, indulges in the unpardonable act of insulting the nation.The same church remains a mute spectator when Emergency was imposed on the country, Kashmiri Hindus were brutally killed in the valley, Sikhs were butchered in the 1984riots, Chakma Buddhists were brutalised. For the Church, these events don’t put the constitution in danger.

This is not the church’s view-point, but a conspiracy to install Governments which can run on the directions of the Vatican. Like the award-wapsi gang, the church too is acting like a contract killer to destabilise the elected Governments.

The VHP Jt Gen Secy also said in the press note today that not only were the bishops of Delhi and Goa issuing such edicts, but also during the elections of Mizoram, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Punjab etc, an atmosphere was created by the Church so that a particular party could be voted in power. How can this be termed a secular work? The Constitution allows you to carry out prayers and worship but illegal religious conversions cannot be allowed here. Freedom of expression does not entail that Hindu gods and goddesses can be insulted and their idols broken. Which constitutional right was invoked when Swami Laxmananand Saraswati and Shanti kali ji Maharaj were murdered? These churches must remember that Bharat is governed by its own constitution and not by the barbaric medieval constitution of the Vatican.The constitution of Bharat is in danger because of the attacking political stand of the church and its agenda of religious conversions which the nation has understood. It is because of this dangerous agenda that the arch bishop of Goa had opposed India’s independence in 1947. In 1961, during the liberation of Goa, it is this church only that had opposed the liberation, saying, the Christians are better off under Portuguese rule.

The church should introspect, ask for forgiveness, work according to the constitution of our country and liberate themselves from the Vatican, VHP added.

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– Vinod Bansal
(National Spokesman, VHP)


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