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Coordination must between science and spirituality: Dr Krishna Gopal


Addressing the inaugural session of three-day ‘Yuva Vimarsha’ at Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) here on November 2,  Dr Krishna Gopal, Joint General Secretary of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) stressed on the need of coordination between science and spirituality in the modern civilization.

He was speaking on the topic “Challenges of modern civilization at the program. Dr Krishna Gopal said that science has its own limitations. The point at which it stops, spirituality begins. In the modern civilization, more emphasis is given on material development sans spirituality. This is the matter of concern, he said.

The RSS thinker further said that the modern civilization has converted the world into a global market where each one looks for gaining more and more profit. The entire society has become so competitive to the point of separation leading to hatred and jealousy. Competition is necessary for progress but it has a limited role to play, he added.

He said that the information technology has made information easily available but it has affected the personal relationships and this has led to increasing incidence of depression and melancholy among the people.

Dr Krishna Gopal said that we will have to work to strike a perfect coordination between science and spirituality. Citing example of most developed USA he said in this country 1.6 crore children do not have parents, the government looks after 4.1 crore children. And the US is considered to be front runner of modern development.

He said that the modern civilization has given birth to consumerism that has made our demands unlimited, broken our families and relatives. We have to find out ways to tide over these challenges. And the only way is spirituality-based Indian culture that teaches us to live a collective life full of content drawing whatever necessary from the nature and limiting our demands and to preserve the resources for the posterity.

Invoking Chanakya he said that the great teacher wrote the very first verse that he was writing for all the human beings living on this earth and not only for Indians. We believe in the concept of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ as we are a spiritual nation. Therfore, India alone can guide the world to move ahead with cooperation of all.

Dr Krishna Gopal further said that we need to evaluate the concept and model of development evolved by human beings 400 years ago to decide the best civilization for us is. It will be the India’s civilization, undoubtedly. And the entire world is waiting for this, he added.

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