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Demand to Halalise Corona Vaccine is inessential and against human civilization – ‘Halal’ Niyantran Manch


New Delhi. In the Constitution of India, protection of animals is a fundamental duty which is also emphasised in its Article 48 under Directive Principles. Besides these, provisions for animal welfare, such as, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972 are there. Additionally, laws at the Union and State levels for protection of cow progeny and animals have been made. Also cruelty to animals is a cognizable and punishable offence under Sections 428 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

In India, animals are brutally slaughtered in the name of ‘Halal’. In the name of Shariat, animals are brutally slaughtered by the Muslim community. Brutally killing animals in the name of halal is a cruel act. Halal is a method imposed in the name of Shariat, the use of which in a civilised democratic country like India is unlawful and unconstitutional.

The Belgian government had imposed a ban under law on slaughter by halal method, against which the Muslim community appealed in the Supreme Court of the European Union (European Court of Justice). The EU’s highest court rejected the objections and justified the ban and ordered all European countries that they are free to ban halal. The European Court of Justice has justified the Belgian government’s ban on halal slaughter.

Halal has been stopped in Sri Lanka after the majority Buddhist society opposed it. Voice against ‘halal’ is being raised in countries like Germany, France, Poland, UK, USA, etc. Animal Rights institutions and organizations in these countries are demanding ban on halal. The Halal Niyantran Manch (Halal Control Forum), on behalf of all animal lovers and animal rights bodies and activists, also urges the Government of India to ban by law the ‘halal’ method so that the slaughter of animals by cruel method is stopped.

In India, legal control on ‘halal’ is very necessary. Recently, the standing committee of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation cleared a proposal to ask restaurants or shops to “mandatorily” display whether the meat being sold or served by them is cut using the ‘halal’ or ‘jhatka’ method. The ‘Halal’ Niyantran Manch (Halal Control Platform) requests all municipalities, municipal corporations, Nagar Panchayats across the country also to bring such localized proposals like that of the SDMC, so that discrimination on religious grounds against Sikhs and Dalit Hindus and violation of their religious rights and rights to livelihood and employment could be prevented.

Today the whole world is fighting against COVID-19 pandemic which has infected nearly 80 million people and about 1.8 million people have succumbed to the infection of this fatal dragon virus. Anti-Corona vaccination has started in the UK and the USA and it would also start in India in a few days. In the meanwhile, demand for ‘halal’ vaccination has been raised in South-East Asian Muslim countries like Indonesia and Malaysia which is unfortunate. The Halal Niyantran Manch condemns it and demands that non-Muslims should not be administered ‘halal’ vaccination. Surprisingly no Muslim country has shown any capability to make COVID-19 vaccine. The Muslim world should keep it in mind that tillt today it has neither discovered nor invented any Life-Saving Drug.

In the meantime, some conservative religious groups and people and organizations with fanaticist mindsets have sought the Corona vaccine to be distributed and disseminated on religious grounds and lines. It is not only inhuman but against the whole human civilization also. The ‘Halal’ Niyantran Manch opposes and condemns any such demand. Millions of unsuspecting and innocent people have succumbed to the Corona virus infection during this global crisis. All countries of the world, including India, have been struggling with the Corona pandemic. In this period of tragedy, hospitals, doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, police personnel and other Corona warriors have saved, without any discrimination, millions of people from the jaws of this pandemic. Today every possible effort is going on to overcome this grave problem. The processes of making vaccines are in final statges in various countries.

We must keep in mind that the money that is collected from the Halal-Certification protocol by private Muslim Trusts is used by Islamic fundamentalists and local, national and global terrorist organizations. Control on ‘halal’ is unquestionably indispensable for the security of the country. It is the need of the hour to put in place a mechanism under law to control ‘halal’ in order to prevent violation of religious and fundamental rights of non-Muslims and also to prevent cruelties to animals. The demand to Halalise Corona Vaccine is inessential and against human civilization.