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‘Fatwa Raj’ under TMC in West Bengal


The court of law seems to be the last hope for the Hindus in 10 districts of West Bengal, as they are compelled to live in highly intolerable situation under the Fatwa and ‘Danga-Raj’ of TMC

It is the Fatwa-raj and Danga-raj that is going on in West Bengal. There is no respite from it. The Maa Mati Manush government of Mamata Banerjee is completely immersed into such a Utopian idea of secularism where “saffronisation of state” is considered to be the only villain. Otherwise, consecutive governments formed by the Congress, Bangla Congress and their conglomerates, Left Front (combine of left parties) and Trinamool Congress (TMC) are all “birds of the same feathers” and like jackals in forests, they all join their voice in one tune – “no Hindutva, no saffronisation”. So, it is considered to be a heinous crime for them. In the process they frequently ignore the principles of democracy while running the administrative show.

The subject had prominently surfaced in 2007, when Imam Barkati of Kolkata had promulgated a Fatwa, saying, “We are now 27 per cent of the state. Hence, whatever we say the government is bound to abide by that. It is for us that the TMC government is running. So, do not dare to ignore us.”

Media, both electronic and print, were conspicuously silent over this statement. Why? Absolutely no answer to this question is available.Only vacant look and no words. In second week of February, there was a meeting of senior TMC leaders. Mamata, the leader, had entered the room and taken her specified seat. Generally, two of her beloved henchmen e.g. Bobby (Firhad) Hakim and Arup Biswas used to sit on her both sides. But that day was an exceptional day, as on both sides of Didi seated were Bobby Hakim and Siddiqulla Chowdhury. Everyone at the meeting was surprised and taken aback. One of the senior members quipped in an extremely low voice, “Perhaps that day is not far away when we will be asked to offer namaz first and then enter the meeting.”

A question has already started circulating ‘Are we already thrown into the garbage of “Fatwa-Raj”? Before giving answer to this question let me reproduce a matter from Internet posted by a human rights organisation. As per the group, there have been reports of communal disturbances during Muharram Procession and Durga Puja immersion from the following12 places of West Bengal:

    1)    Taltali Village of Jalangi PS (Police Station)             Murshidabad District

    2)    Andul Argori Village under Sankrail PS                    Howrah  District

    3)    Manikpur, Beltala Sankrail in PS                                Howrah District

    4)    Chandan Nagar Urdibazar and Telinipara in           Hooghly District

    5)    Haji Nagar Naihati,                                                        North 24-Parganas District

    6)    Kataberia Village, Bhagwanpur PS, Poorba              Medinipur District

    (7)    Ballabhpara Ghat, Hatkhola, Katwa PS in               Bardhaman District

    (8)    Kharagpur Golbazar Market in                                  Paschim Medinipur  District

    (9)    Kharba Village under Chanchol PS                           Maldah District

    10)    Rishi Para just behind Kaliachak PS                         Maldah District

    11)    Arapur Village under English Bazar PS                    Maldah District

    12)    Rajna Village, under Kalugram PS of                       Bardhaman Distrct.

It seems that the first alarm was raised on October 11, 2016 at Amra K’Jon Durga Puja Pandal at Argori Village very near to Sankrail BDO Office in Howrah District, just 25 kms from Kolkata. According to reports, the clash was triggered when women were molested by some hooligans. The aggrieved parties time and again appealed to the administration, but in vain. The ruling party of the state thinks that it was for grace of Muslims that they are enjoying power. Now, it is an open secret that Trinamool Congress of Mamata Banerjee had received all sorts of help from JMB (Jamaat ul Mujaheedin). It is said that still they are receiving them. Hence, they think they are duty-bound to serve the purpose of so-called minority community who are virtually considered as majority community in certain pockets of the bordering districts of the state.

To understand this situation a little background is necessary. An official document disclosed that during the State Assembly election of 2011, among 125 seats, about 102 seats’ fate was determined by the dominant Muslims votes. It is relevant to mention here that since 2008, Bengali speaking rural Muslims had started drifting away from the Left towards Trinamool. But the fact remains that the Left parties were living in a fool’s paradise, as they believed that 102 of the 125 Muslim dominated seats were going to support them. But it did not happen. The whole scenario had been changed.

It seems that the Muslim separatists had a definite plan to segregate the areas close to Bangladesh from India and amalgamate them with Bangladesh. With that motto in mind these separatist groups started disturbing the day-to-day life of Hindus. Even the married women of these areas are afraid of wearing Mangal Sutra or for that matter the Bengali system of wearing conch shell bangles as a symbol of their marriage. During the last Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja Hindus were restricted from painting Alpana and blowing Conch Shells which are part of their religious custom. Let alone taking out religious processions or immersion of Devi Pratima. People living outside the area would simply refuse to believe calling them frivolous stories. In this regard two things are to be kept in mind. One, the TMC government headed by Mamata Banerjee, thinks that it is because of the Muslim support that they are enjoying power. And for this reason, the people who are entrusted with the duty of keeping law and order, have been specifically asked not to entertain any complaint. Unfortunately, that has become the order of the day. Two, concentration of Muslim population in the border districts of West Bengal is conspicuously manipulated. This was again done by them in two ways— by infiltrating from Bangladesh and by migrating Muslims from different districts of West Bengal to the border districts. This has been vindicated in the official reports. Although officially they say that the Muslim population in the state is 37 per cent yet the break-up accounts are dangerous.

Have a look at the following figures:

Under these districts Hindus are compelled to live in an intolerable situation and there is absolutely no redressal of their grievances. The administrative personalities are very careful to make Hindus understand that they, under pressure of CM’s order, are not to disturb the minorities. Hence, virulent anti-national and anti-social activities are going on. The courts of law are the only place where people of majority community can get justice. But not all are in an organised mood to do that.

By Asim Kumar Mitra

Courtesy: Organiser


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