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Golkonda Literary Festival 2021 Souvenir Release Event


(The GLF was conducted during 20-21 Nov 2021 in Keshav Memorial College, hyderabad).

The GLF souvenir was released on the evening of 26th october 2022 at keshav memorial college in hyderabad.

Sri Gopal Reddy, President Samachara Bharati in his opening remarks stated that it’s necessary that our true history is written now atleast, after the huge distortion that took place in our history-writing, especially during the Indira Gandhi regime. Historian and GLF convenor Dr Kasireddy Venkatareddy stated that during the research into Karmanghat Hanuman temple, it has been found that the temple was built by Rudradeva of Kakatiya empire. He also built the Golkonda fort, and initiated the bund construction of hussain sagar, all these facts are known today. Qutbshahis were well served by the great ministers Akkanna and Madanna, who wrote about the water resources in their kingdom, and who also built the network of canals and tanks. Sri KV Bhoopal Rao had researched and written about the great ministers Akkanna and Madanna and their work. He also talked about the origins of the names of Bhagyanagar, and how Akkanna and Madanna were ruthlessly butchered, this history was written by Sri Ogeti Achyutarama Sastry, his book needs to be researched further. It is known that Chattrapati Shivaji also visited during Tanisha’s time. The book ‘yayati charitra’ seems to have described many aspects of the time.

Asafjahis took over in 1724 in what became hyderabad and continued till 1948. Hindus were brutally suppressed during this long reign. There were 16 samsthanas during that time. Golkonda itself has a lot of heritage, Sri Ramadasu prison, Bhadrakali temple etc. During those troubled times, Sri Suravaram Pratapa Reddy started the Telugu journal ‘Golkonda Patrika’. The nizam’s Prime Minister Maharaja Kishan Prashad to some extent helped preserve Hindu heritage, however he was removed by the VII nizam. Today’s shad nagar, kisan nagar near hyderabad are after his name. The very name Golkonda reminds us of all these snippets in history. Many facts emerged in last year’s GLF conclave, many more are yet to be researched and written. Even Sammakka Sarakka of the famous Medaram jathara were supposed to be martyred when fighting with Malik Kafur’s army, the history of the event seems to have got suppressed.

The GLF souvenir was released by all the dignitaries on stage, Sri Gopal Reddy, Sri Kasireddy Venkat Reddy, Sri G Valliswar, Sri Annadanam Subhramanyam and Sri Ayush Nadimpalli.

Sri Valliswar, the convenor of souvenir stated that the souvenir was titled ‘Smaraneeyulu’ as today we have the responsibility to recollect the sacrifices of the people of yester years. The souvenir is a recorded document of GLF conference, the work of several organizations including Samachara Bharati, Itihas Sankalan Samithi, Pragna Bharati etc, many great speakers and their talks in sessions. The document speaks for itself and is a collective effort of several people who contributed in its making. He also thanked Sri Vijay Kumar of Emesco Publications which supported the printing of the souvenir.

Sri Vedula Narasimham from Itihas Sankalan Samiti said Itihas Samiti is fortunate that they were able to participate in GLF as part of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, especially in inviting wonderful speakers for various sessions. Sri M. Rajesh from Pragna Bharati said that learning from the wonderful experiences of last year, we could further improve in the next edition of Hindi sessions of GLF scheduled in Dec 2022. Sri Sivaji from Samskara Bharati said they are thankful that Samskara Bharati was given an opportunity to contribute in the GLF festival.

Sri Annadanam Subhramanyam in his chief address stated that GLF was a grand success owing to the contribution of several organizations. Literature reflects the social circumstances and spirit of those times. The great litterateurs of the times also imbue the society with the nationalistic spirit. These souvenirs also help in giving the society the necessary direction. He congratulated Sri Valliswar and Dr Venkat Reddy for the successful release of the souvenir.

Sri Ayush Nadimpalli, Prachar Vibhag and Samachara Bharati, stated that the battle for people’s minds- the war of narratives is on. The strategy behind denigrating and distorting Hindu history and culture must be understood; the international conspiracy behind sudden highlighting of certain divisive figures through certain NGOs, media, academia is being seen. Today content can be conveyed in multiple formats with the advent of internet, blogs, vlogs, columns, memes, short videos and films, skits etc. Taking the initiative to blend these different elements, we took the theme of highlighting true histories and established the platform of GLF in the festival conducted last year. Now initiative is being taken to conduct GLF in Hindi on 11th Dec 2022. We also need to research on the original documents which are in Persian and Arabic. We need to celebrate heroes like Akkanna and Madanna. The 700 years of Deccan history and struggle needs to be established and mainstreamed. Maharashtra was able to establish warrior heroes, kings, and saints like Tukaram, Eknath etc. The literary fests are being held to highlight these forgotten histories and to instill informed thinking in the society. He also thanked the PIB, Govt of India which set up panels in the GLF. Sri Kalyan Chakravarthy proposed the vote of thanks at the conclusion of the event.


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