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Govt of Bharat should talk tough to Bangladesh to protect Hindus: VHP


A fact-finding team of our MPs should be sent to Bangladesh

New Delhi. While addressing a massive protest demonstration in front of the Bangladesh High Commission, VHP Joint General Secretary Dr. Surendra Jain said that the radical Jihadist atrocities on and persecution of the minority indigenous Hindu society in Bangladesh have crossed all limits of barbarism. It is a challenge for the entire world community as to how to stop these barbaric persecutions in Bangladesh! The Government of Bharat cannot shy away from its responsibility! The Government of Bangladesh should also fulfil its responsibility by ensuring the safety and security of life and property of all its citizens with complete fairness, objectivity and without any discrimination. VHP cannot see the persecution of the Hindu society as a mute spectator.

He asked why the Hindu, who wishes all well for the welfare of the entire humanity, is being harassed in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh? Has the Hindu civilization and culture become his weakness? The entire world community should understand and appreciate that if Hindu ends, then civilization and culture in the whole world will also end! Therefore, the entire world community should come forward and stoutly snuff this radical Islamic Jihadism, terrorism and wickedness from the face of the earth in favour of humanism. The government of Bharat stands not so strongly against the persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh as it does address similar situations taking place in Afghanistan and Pakistan! Therefore, the Government of Bharat should act tough and exert all appropriate pulls and pressures on the government of PM Sheikh Hasina, so that her government would proactively disallow any sort of persecution and discrimination of the indigenous minority Hindus of her country. Why does the tool-kit-gang of Bharat always talking Palestine very loudly, say that it is an internal matter of Bangladesh while talking about this country? Their two-facedness and duplicity is evident from this.

Today everyone is understanding and appreciating the importance of the CAA. Where will the victimised Hindu-Sikh go if not to Bharat? We have given shelter to all victims, so why not to Hindu victims? Therefore, all the political parties should also request the central government to bring rules to implement CAA. The government should bring these laws immediately – this is the appeal of the VHP. The central government should send a fact-finding team of MPs to Bangladesh to make a full investigation into the persecution of the indigenous minority Hindus in Bangladesh and make its report public.

While addressing this program, VHP Delhi President Kapil Khanna said that we will definitely raise our voice in favour of any Hindu victim anywhere in the world and will continue to raise our voice unless and until the safety and security of the Hindu victims is ensured. While addressing this programme, Mahant Naval Kishore Das ji and other saints expressed the sentiments of the Hindu society and warned Bangladesh that the country, that Bharat was instrumental in establishment of, instead of acknowledging and accepting Bharat’s favour, shows eyes to Bharat and Hindus and supports and patronises anti-Bharat and anti-Hindu activities. This is unacceptable!

At the end of the programme, Dr. Surendra Jain and Kapil Khanna went to the Bangladesh High Commissioner and gave a memorandum addressed to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, in which she was called upon to ensure the safety and security of the indigenous minority Hindu society in her country as it played an important role in and contributed greatly towards the creation of Bangladesh, and above all it is the first and foremost duty of her government to provide safety and security to all the citizens, including nevertheless the Hindu citizens, of Bangladesh.