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Hindus continue to be persecuted in Bangladesh


Ever since the CAA was enacted, the persecuted refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan have heaved a sigh of relief. Despite the political opposition to the CAA, the people of the country and the refugees themselves have understood the importance of this legislation. Moreover, the recent incidents of persecution of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan and Bangladesh give credence to the CAA and its intent.

After attack on Sikhs and stone pelting on Gurdwara in Nankana Sahib exposed Islamic hegemony in Pakistan, the Hindus in Bangladesh are bearing the brunt of the Jihadis there. News from Bangladesh indicates that in two separate incidents, a house of the Hindu has been attacked and Goddess Kali idol has been broken by Jihadis. Idols of other Hindu gods was also vandalized and broken.

The incidents reported from Rupapat Bazar of Boalmari Upozila of Faridpur Dist in Bangladesh say that a mob of Muslims attacked the house of one Lakshman Datta twice. In the first incident that took place on 3rd January, 2020, his house was ransacked which seemed to be like a warning. The incident was reported to the local police but no action was taken.

Emboldened by the inaction of the administration, Lakshman’s house was again attacked by a Muslim mob on 16th January. In this attack, Goddess Kali idols were broken and the idol parts were strewn across the courtyard. Laksman Datta and his family have been living in fear due to the attacks after these attacks. Human Rights activist Joyanta Karmoker from Dhaka reports that the Bangladesh Police have not yet registered a case over the attack.

Despite the twin attacks on a Hindu house, the Bangladesh police and administration seem to have turned a blind eye to the atrocities on Hindus there. Wilfull blidness is evident as the Bangladesh Police have not yet registered a case. Even the media in Bangladesh has been silent on this incident and has not reported as strongly as it should have.

After the incidents from Pakistan and Bangladesh was reported, citizens in India are questioning the rationale behind the opposition to CAA which aims to sanction Indian citizenship to such persecuted refugees.

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