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Hindus in Bangladesh gets threatening letter from ISIS saying “Accept Islam or prepare to die, before 30 July”


Islamic fanatic group ISIS circulated a threatening letter to the Hindu temples of Cox’s Bazaar Districts in Bangladesh. The letter warns to the Hindus stating them to “convert and accept Islam or they will attack the Hindu Community living in Cox’s Bazaar. The group further added a deadline emphasizing that by 30th July the temples will be attacked and by then the Hindus should accept Islam or lose their life.

ISIS threatening letter to Hindus In Bangladesh

The written letter read as, “To the Hindus, If you do not accept Islam, then prepare to die. We are fanatic ISIS; we want to establish Islam everywhere in the world. In the name of Allah, to all the President, Secretary and Priests, we will soon kill you. If you want to save your lives, go back to India, or else we will slaughter you! Inshallah.”

The ISIS had earlier tried to attack the Hindu Adinath Temple at Mohashkhali but they failed. This time they the fanatics have stooped down ever lower by naming the temples- Brammo Temple, Kali Bari Temple, Iskcon Temple, Saraswati Temple, Krishna Nanda Dham Temple, Sree Shankar Math Temple, Ram Krishna Seva Ashram, the Adinath Temple etc.

After receiving the bewildered threatening letter, the local community leader Sawpan Sharma, President of Hindu Buddhists, Christian Okkyo Parishad, the local head of REO along with others rushed to meet Chowla Chakma- Circle head, Nikaruj Zaman, SP Cox’s Bazar. The community leaders informed the officers and instigated them to take the necessary measures against it.

The local community leader Swapan Sharma while speaking to the Hindu community addressed them to be strong without any fear. Being a true Hindu, they will fight until they die.

The increasing Rohingya issues in Bangladesh, there are few fanatic groups which are still active in the Cox’s Bazaar area. Deceiving as they are, the terrorists took shelter in the Rohingya refugee camps and have been feared to kill many innocent people. The officials have doubted that these “refugees” are involved in this issue as well.

With the Islamic fanatic activists attacking Hindu homes, business enterprises and temples, a horrifying incident came to limelight.

Instigating terror and frightening the innocent Hindus, these groups have created a mental torture of the Hindu Community forcing them to leave the country.

Recalling the horrendous history of Hindu community in Bangladesh the situations have been very awful and unfortunate. Hindus are suffering constantly and threats to their lives, security, and property. Many Hindu temples have been vandalized and destroyed in Bangladesh earlier.

There are regular reports of illegal encroachments on Hindu temples and lands, looting of Hindu property, discrimination, persecution, molestation, and abduction of Hindu girls in Bangladesh.

Generating animosity and anguish among the people especially the Hindus in Bangladesh, the Hindu community has always been threatened and discriminated on religious grounds.

The fanatic Islamic group in the country has left no stones unturned, ruining and making the lives of the people horrible in the country.

Creating violence and averring atrocities against the Hindu community in Bangladesh is very common with the instigation of community hatred coming back from the independence era.

The government should take necessary action for pertaining to these issues and protect the Hindu Community in Bangladesh. Comprising of a minor chunk the community has been targeted and horrified to a higher level. Government authorities need to have a proper engaging system to address the matters troubling people in the country.

Courtesy: NewsBharati