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Hindus must unite regardless of caste and language differences – Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi


RSS Sarkaryavah (All-India General Secretary) Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi, said “Lives of people should become more prosperous and shine as bright as the Sun. He called for unity among all Hindus. He stressed that people should forget all differences, including that of Caste and Language. He emphasised that we must remove hatred, if any, against others and consider all of us as one family and children of Bharat Mata”.

Bhaiyyaji Joshi participated in Pongal Vizhaa organised by Desamuthu Mariyamman Temple at Hasthinapuram, Chennai on 15 Jan, 2018. He took part in the Gau Pooja in the temple, delivered a keynote address and distributed prizes to winners of various competitions.

He said that “The Hindus can gain strength only if they remain united. This strength should be put to use to help the needy, protect our dharma and uplift our Nation.”

Bhaiyya ji asked people in the country to unite and be fearless, saying ‘Bharat Mata’ was the unifying factor. “Our festivals are not for mere enjoyment or celebration alone and signified unity”. Citing the significance of the harvest festival of Pongal which marks the sun’s movement towards north giving more light, he quoted an Upanishad shloka “Tamsoma Jyotirgamaya” (Lead me to Light from darkness).

Sarkaryavah Ji said knowledge will help resolve differences and it should be enhanced while bearing in mind that “Bharat Mata” was the binding factor. Citing the example of a sesame and jiggery based sweet made in Maharashtra, he said the sesame seeds when mixed with jaggery became strong and even difficult to bite. Similarly, when people come together shedding differences the society will get strengthened.

He said “There may be differences in respect of language, dress, and even the food we eat. Despite this, the philosophy of Hindu thought was that God is one though forms could differ and that “pranashakthi” (the force that sustains life in every being) was the same in every human being.


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