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Hindus uniting must not be seen with suspicion or fear: RSS sarkaryavaha Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi


In what is seen as a precursor to the mega event on February 25 next year where more than 2.5 lakh swayamsevaks are slated to attend the RSS event ‘Rashtodaya’, to be presided by organisation’s chief Mohan Bhagwat, more than 15,000 swayamsevaks assembled at Jagriti Vihar in Meerut on Sunday to be a part of the bhoomi pujan ceremony that officially kick-started the run up to the main event.

Presiding the event, RSS general secretary Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi said the organisation aims at spearheading a revolution of social change. “We want to tell the entire world that gaining of strength by Hindu society should not be seen with suspicion or fear. It (Hindu unity) is a divine power aimed at protecting the weak,” Joshi said while addressing the gathering. “This strength is aimed at confronting the unjust. The power of evil unites automatically while efforts are made to unit the good forces in society. RSS wants to awaken the Hindu society against all evils, and we are part of the movement to bring about this change in society,” Joshi said.

Apart from the 15,000 swayamsevaks at the event, in attendance were spiritual leader Vivekanand Saraswati, regional RSS leaders Darshan Lal and Surya Prakash, and a host of other RSS office bearers from Meerut region. Amid chanting of Hindu Vedic mantras, bhoomi pujan was performed at the Jagriti Vihar site that will host the mega event of Rashtroday Samagam on February 25 next year.

Thousands of swayamsevaks clad in organisation’s uniform were seated in front of the main dais and performed exercises that are part of the daily chores at the shakhas. These swayamsevaks started arriving at the venue early in the morning on Sunday.

Meerut region is divided into more than 10,000 village sectors, and the organisation is targeting to ensure that a minimum of five swayamsevaks from each village attend the February 25 event. Buses are being arranged to ferry the swayamsevaks to the event, and arrangements for food are also being made. “We have asked each local swayamsevak to arrange food for three other people,” Anil Gupta, a local office bearer, said.

Work has started on a war footing to ensure footfall of more that 2.5 lakh swayamsevaks at the main event, which is dubbed to be the largest in the history of the organisation. Apart from mobilizing the masses through personal contact, social media pages for the event have already been made active.

Courtesy: Times of India


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