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Hindutva is the name for Rich & Divine Quality – Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji


RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji said that Hindutva is the name for Divine Quality. It is not the name for any race, caste, creed, language or religion. It is the philosophy embracing the entirety. Sarsanghchalak was addressing a poorna ganavesh Sanghikh of the Guruvayoor organisational district of RSS on September 18, 2022. Sangh workers has been working towards strengthening the society to achieve Bharat’s paramvaibhavam and make her the Vishwaguru. Bharat will attain the pinnacle of her glory in the next couple of decades. For that, Hindu Dharma should become powerful. The world respects only powerful people. If we have to work for the good of this world, society should be strong. For men of demonic character, knowledge is for creating controversy; money for arrogance; and, strength for attacking others. It is destructive. Hindutva is the legacy of water-rich, fruits-rich, pleasant, calm and cool mother nature. Atmano Mokshardha, Jagath hitaya Cha is its inherent nature.

RSS Dakshin Kshetra Sanghchalak Dr. A.R. Vannirajan, Prant Sanghchalak Adv. K.K. Balaram, Thrissur Vibhag Sanghchalak K.S. Padmanabhan and Guruvayoor Sanghchalak Col. (Retd) V. Venugopal were present on the dais.

Earlier Sarsanghchalak had darshan in legendary Guruvayoor temple. Later on, he addressed the baithak of selected Sangh workers. Mohan Bhagwat Ji released two books in Guruvayoor. They were “Krishna, The Seventh Sense” by Dr. Debashish Chatterjee, the Management Guru and Director of IIM Kozhikode and “Prayogika Grandha in Clinical Methods in Ayurveda” by famous Ayurveda Doctor P.K. Dharmapalan.

In Thrissur Sarsanghchalak Ji had various programmes including visits to various Maths belonging to Hindu denominations and baithaks of Sangh workers.



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