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HSS Canada Condemns the attacks on Hindu Organisations


New Delhi. Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, Canada (HSS Canada) condemns the recent attacks on Hindu organizations in Canada that are utilizing recycled propaganda materials to promote hate and contempt towards all Hindus in Canada. Using discredited propaganda materials these attacks are being facilitated by a wide number of organizations with specific political agendas. Some of these organizations have extreme views and nurture systematic hate and contempt for Hindus. The recent vandalism of Hindu temples in Canada followed by the recent targeted attack on HSS Canada falls under the umbrella of the growing and continued Hinduphobia events. The rise of irrational fears of Hindus is not a fit for the vibrant, stable and multicultural Canada which over 1 million Hindus call home.

HSS Canada is an independent registered wholly Canadian charity that serves Hindu Canadians and Canada, based on values of Hindu Dharma. Its mission is to preserve, protect and promote Hindu Dharma through a variety of events and programs across Canada. HSS Canada runs its activities in the most peaceful, constructive and family-friendly settings. It further makes a consistent effort to engage constructively with the diverse Canadian population as a whole. HSS Canada runs programs and community service projects to benefit all without discrimination of any kind.

Over the last three decades HSS Canada has inculcated and produces self-disciplined, self-confident, citizens of Canada who share selfless values of service and leadership. This is evident in the continued and growing contributions of Hindu Canadians in areas of economic growth, education, medical sciences and many more. In Canada, Hindus are widely acclaimed as being a law-abiding, peaceful, and productive community and HSS Canada fully intends to remain dedicated to keep growing this acclamation.

In the report “RSS Network in Canada” authored by National Council of Canadian Muslims and World Sikh Organization, the section related to HSS Canada, is defamatory in nature, and poorly researched for the reasons including but not limited to below, because our structured syllabus and contents of our programs solely focuses on teachings and practices of Hindu Dharma and our foremost cornerstone, based on Hindu Dharma, is to treat the whole world as one family and promote respect among each human being for one another.

These attacks are intended to provoke anti-Hindu sentiments and further give rise to growing Hinduphobia in Canada. HSS Canada would further request all well-wishers, media representatives, public officials, educators, and all other Canadians to make note of such organizations who are working to create unrest in Canada. The activities of some of these organizations also amounts to violations of the Charter rights and Human rights of Hindus in Canada. The one million Canadian Hindus, would like to further appeal to the Canadian authorities to take immediate action to stop Hinduphobia and Hindu hate.