Home English Articles Illegal Rohingya Muslim arrested in Hyderabad for holding Indian Passport

Illegal Rohingya Muslim arrested in Hyderabad for holding Indian Passport


The Hyderabad police caught Mohammed Yasim, 42, an illegal Rohingya Muslim staying in India with an Indian passport. During a routine police checking on 20th September , the Balapur police caught Yasim near the Royal Colony while moving around under suspicious circumstances.

The police also found out that Yasin is holding several other identification documents like voter ID card, a bank account, valid Indian identification, driving license etc issued in his name in West Bengal.

Yasim is believed to have moved to Hyderabad around five years ago and since then staying at the refugee camp in Balapur  by obtaining a UNHCR card bearning card no 30500102507. He is running general store in the area.

The police said the apprehended person who found to be from Myanmar entered into India via Bangladesh and stayed in Kolkota for over 15 years running a hotel where he met a person who arranged all documents pertaining to his stay in the country.

After seizing all the documents, police registered a case against him under various sections of the IPC besides charging him for violations of the Indian Passport Act and the Foreigners Act.

Police records also reveal that a whopping 5000 Rohingya Muslims are  illegally living in the city at various locations particularly in Muslim dominated areas.


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