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India installs 647-km of floodlights along borders of Pakistan, Bangladesh for better infrastructure


For a secured country, a secured border is mandatory.  Along the borders of Pakistan and Bangladesh, infiltration of terrorists and immigrants is a major problem. Terrorist infiltration can bring threat to total internal security whereas illegal immigration pressurizes the socio-economic stability of the country. To prevent such inconvenience, the Government has installed 647-km of floodlights and fence along Pakistan, Bangladesh borders within a year.

A major significant step has been taken by the government to develop the borders. In last 3 years, Rs 5,188 crore was sanctioned by the central government for better border infrastructure. Rs 2,138 crore has been released for the India-Bangladesh and India-Pakistan border projects.

According to a home ministry official, the work of floodlights along long 647 km stretch was finished in last year. In addition to this initiative, a fence in a 200-km area of the border, 430-kilometre-long border roads, 110 composite border outposts are also being developed with money from this fund.

Now there are already 609 BOPs along the India-Pakistan border. For better communication, less distance between the BOPs is very important. Keeping this in mind, 126 BOPs are to be constructed along the border.

Along with security border trade is also important that is why the government has been promoting the setting up Integrated Check Posts (ICPs). This will also help passenger movement at land border crossings.

In many places, villages along the border are not improved. To create model villages, the government is taking steps. All these steps will push the integrated development of border infrastructure.

Courtesy: NewsBharati