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Jammu Kashmir Sankalp Divas Parliament Resolution 1994


By Dr Gautam Mengi

The Parliament of Republic of India Unanimously resolved on 22nd February 1994 that:-

(a) The State of Jammu & Kashmir has been, is and shall be an integral part of India and any attempts to separate it from the rest of the country will be resisted by all necessary means.

(b) India has the will and capacity to firmly counter all designs against its unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

and demands that:

(c) Pakistan must vacate the areas of the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir, which they have occupied through aggression; and resolves that –

(d) All attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of India will be met resolutely.”

The resolution was firm and unanimous and therefore voice of the Nation. Partition of India by the British was a punishment and curse on the Nation inflicted by the retreating British Military But declaration of unilateral ceasefire and decision to stop the advancing Indian Army and preventing retrieval of our own territories was inflicted by our own National leadership in connivance with the British and leaders of J & K State namely Pt. Nehru, Lord Mountbatten and Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah.

Today, we cannot go back in time and reverse the clock but the nation has to think of ways and means to undo the aggression by Pakistan . Some people think that Borders cannot be redrawn and advocate accepting ‘Line of Control’ as International Border .Such people lack the courage and suffer from inertia. If Jews can get Homeland Israel after a thousand years of exile and if Berlin wall can be demolished and East and west Germany can unite. Jammu Kashmir can also be restored to its pristine glory with borders touching Afghanistan Soviet Russia Tazakistan and China.

In order to reunite Gilgit, Baltistan Mirpur, Kotli and Mujjfrabad some concrete efforts will be required ,mere resolution will not suffice, even though the 1994 resolution by the Nation is a good beginning.

1) First of all the Nation needs to know that 1,20,747 Sq. KM.of J & K State is occupied by the enemy. The Geography and the original boundaries of the state need to be highlighted

2) Secondly ,there is need to educate and arouse love of their land amongst the following suffering displaced persons.

  1. a) Displaced persons from Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir now living in J & K and outside are about 12 lac. They migrated after tribal attacks from Mujjfrabad ,Mirpur,Kotli Bhimber,Deva batala and also from Gilgit Baltistan .They were not given the refugee status and were named displaced persons.
  2. b) Internally displaced Kashmiri Pandits and Sikhs from Kashmir valley are about four lac. They left their home and hearth after terrorism and communal hatered gripped Kashmir Valley in 1990.
  3. c) About 5764 families from west Pakistan took refuge in Jammu after Partition. Their present population is about 2.5 lac.

3) Thirdly, the people living under illegal occupation of Pakistan are deprived of their democratic rights. POJK is Ruled by Rules of Business. There is no freedom of expression. No press freedom, Pakistan is bent upon changing demography of Gilgit Baltistan by flooding in people from other areas. There is need to connect with these groups of population and support their aspirations and human rights.

4) And finally, military intervention will be required to get back the lost territories.

Today is the day to remind our national and the State leadership to wake up and accept the challenge to regain the lost territories and the people which were our own only some time ago.

(The author is former President Jammu Kashmir Study Centre).

Courtesy: Arise Bharat


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