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Jammu & Kashmir/Report : Normalcy Returns


Signs of normalcy returns to Kashmir Valley as offices, shops, schools and other business establishments opened after months of closure  

 ‘Sale Sale, Geelani Government Fail’, this slogan in Kashmiri language was repeatedly rented in the air during Sunday market on November 23. Sunday market was opened in Srinagar city after a gap of 133 days. “Geelani has Failed, There is a Sale” is the meaning of the slogans—which was repeated shouting by the street vendors to attract the customers. The street vendors, who were mostly selling woolen clothes and jackets, were trying to kill two birds with one stone by shouting this slogan. On the one hand they were shouting this slogan to attract the customers, while on the other hand they were giving a message to the people that Sayeed Ali Shah Geelani has failed—means he has been exposed before the masses.

To save their skins, separatist leaders were claiming that markets were opened in Kashmir Valley on Sunday because they had suspended their on going agitation for two days but in reality people are fed up with strike calls and they will now not follow their dictates.

Sunday the November 20, was the day which reflected peoples’ brewing anger against separatist leaders, who have been exploiting them for the last so many years. Nearly three months long the so-called agitation started by the separatist leaders has achieved nothing but blood and destruction.

Not only Sunday markets were opened on November 20, but on November 19 the State Government had also ordered restoration of mobile network which was snapped on July 9, 2016 after elimination of Hizbul Mujahdieen terrorist Burhan Wani.

Successful conduct of examinations of Class X and Class XII, restoration of mobile network followed by opening of markets is an indication that normalcy has returned to Kashmir Valley. Furthermore, Valley people have realised that present government at the Centre headed by Narendra Modi is not like previous regimes. Earlier separatist leaders used to pressurise successive governments through their blackmail tactics but the incumbent BJP—led Union Government has not shown any flexibility to the deceitful tactics of separatist leaders.

Mobile internet services on all postpaid mobile phones were restored in the Kashmir Valley on November 19. Authorities said the service would be restored on prepaid connections after the situation is reviewed in light of its impact on overall law and order situation.

The situation has been by and large peaceful over the last few weeks in the valley, which had been hit by clashes between violent protesters and security forces following the killing of Hizbul  Mujahideen terrorist Burhan Wani in an encounter on July 8. The unrest had left 96 people dead and many others, including 5,000 security personnel, injured.

After remaining suspended for over four months due to ongoing unrest in the Valley, the rail service connecting north and south parts of Kashmir resumed partially.

The rail service resumed from Budgam to Srinagar Railway stations after completion of necessary restoration work on damaged infrastructure and tracks. The Railway authorities are working on a plan to resume normal operations along the 120 km track between Banihal in south and Baramulla in north Kashmir within next 10 days, the officials said, adding restoration work on the damaged infrastructure and tracks are in full swing and expected to be completed shortly.

Northern Railways suspended the service as a precautionary measure on July 9 following widespread protests over the killing of militant Burhan Wani in an encounter with security forces in south Kashmir a day earlier.

Shops, offices, business establishments and fuel stations opened on November 20 for a full day for the first time since the unrest began. While some had started opening earlier defying the separatists, others did business few hours on some days of the week whenever relaxation in the strike was announced.

There was massive traffic on the roads in Srinagar—the summer capital—as public transport resumed fully and people came out to carry out their day to day activities. The authorities had increased the presence of traffic personnel on the roads to manage the traffic.

Similar reports of people resuming their normal life were received from most of the other district headquarters of the Valley. With the start of Board exams for classes X and XII this week, life in the Valley had been gradually returning to normalcy.

There are many reasons of the return of the normalcy in Kashmir Valley. One and most important reason is that separatist leaders have been exposed before the masses.  Real face of separatist leaders of Kashmir, who have made fortunes by cunningly befooling the innocent Kashmiris, has been exposed. People have now started pointing fingers on the huge wealth plundered by these separatist leaders illegally and favours received by them form Pakistan based ISI through Hawala from time to time.

As per the details available, people in the Valley have now realised how they have been betrayed by these separatist leaders since long and how the innocent youth were martyred in the name of dirty politics. They want to convey this massage to the people so that the Separatists would not be able to do any more politics on dead-bodies. People have now started to come out of their houses to violate the ‘Hartal Calendar’ issued by the Separatist leaders and many areas in Srinagar city witnessed the huge movement of traffic on roads for couple of days.

Due to fear of the terrorists, people are still hestitating to come out openly against separatists but internally they are fed up with Hartal culture. Secondly they have realised that they are not going to get any thing by such strikes.

It is the right time to treat common people in Kashmir compassionately. In towns of rural Kashmir and Srinagar city of the valley, many youth (daily labourers, Salesmen and auto drivers) have become unemployed due to hartals.

A student of Kashmir University, who wished anonymity said that he was closely watching the circumstances in which the youth were being instigating for stone pelting by the associates of separatist leaders. He said that Hurriyat groups have appointed many unemployed youth as office bearers. These office bearers are also involved in instigating unemployed and innocent youth for stone pelting and are providing logistic support to them.

He further said, “There are many other Pakistan funded and sponsored organisations which are working as constituents of Hurriyat-M, Hurriyat-G and JKLF. The leaders and office bearers of these constituents are also working at their offices throughout Kashmir.”

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