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Jihadis can’t make Telangana their Hunting ground – Dr. Surendra Jain


Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad): Vishva Hindu Parishad has said that Jihadi aggression is mounting all over the world. Humanity is beleaguered by love jihad. It is proving to be a huge sneaky, deceptive and atrocious crime against humanity. This most degenerate form of jihad, which started with the first Muslim invader in India, is still going on in which non-Muslim girls and women are treated as “Maal-e-Ghanimat” (war booty) and their modesty and dignity are violated in a brutal inhuman manner. Earlier this hellish act was done only by force; now non-Muslim women are trapped by force wherever possible and the rest are tricked and trapped by deceptive tactics. This wicked criminal act of jihadis must be stopped now.

VHP Joint General Secretary Dr. Surendra Jain, while addressing the journalists at the Press Club of Bhagyanagar, said that the judiciary also considers it the most disgusting form of conversion. Today there is a growing outrage in the whole world against this degenerate anti-women jihadi mindset, the upshots of which were seen in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Ladakh.

He said that if there could be such a sharp reaction from amongst the peace-loving Buddhist society, then the reaction of the rest of the human society can be easily imagined, for which only the jihadi mindset and the unscrupulous Muslim leaders instigating these will be responsible!

VHP appeals to the Government of Bharat to bring very soon a law against ‘Love Jihad and Illegal Religious Conversions’ and free Bharat from this crime that once partitioned the country and now again threatens our demographic structure, national unity and territorial integrity.

The jihadis of Telangana have already been notorious for their anti-women mindset. In the name of “Nikah mut’ah” (“pleasure marriage”; temporary marriage), it has already become the central portal or epicentre of sensual pleasures for the pleasure-seeking Sheikhs from all over the world, but Hindu women have also been suffering from this depraved mentality since the time of Razakars. The tribal communities of areas like Adilabad, Bhadrachalam, Bhopalpalli, Mulugu are their special targets. Impersonating as Hindus under the guise of Hindu names and marks, these jihadis have been trapping not only their innocent girls but also their lands. The indigenous Dharma, women, traditions and land of these tribes are endangered today.

The Telangana government, running at the behest of the AIMIM, has been protecting and promoting the jihadis. Due to the anti-Hindu jihadi mentality, today the situation has become such that any Hindu girl or boy who marries a Muslim boy or girl and does not convert to Islam, then she/he has to lose her/his life under the irrevocable jihadi decree of “Wajib-ul-Qatl” (deserving murder) and “Sar Tann se Judaa” (beheading). The case of the brutal murder of the Hindu youth Billapuram Nagaraju in full public view by the relatives of his newly-wed wife Ashrin Sultana in Telangana is not too old! Incidents of illegal horizontal religious conversions have also increased treacherously. Some state governments in the country have enacted laws to stop love jihad and illegal conversions.

VHP demands from the Telangana government that they should also realize their responsibility towards the culture and society of Telangana and soon enact anti-conversion and anti-love-jihad laws.

Dr Surendra Jain said that the unfortunate anti-Hindu mentality of the Telangana government has also come to the fore. They impose various restrictions on Hindu festivals but give all kinds of exemptions for non-Hindu festivals. When a Hindu goes to his native place for some festival, he is charged manifold fare in the name of special bus as if a Jizya tax is being collected from a dhimmi (non-Muslim subject). On the other hand, the government exchequer is thrown open to give free ration, clothes and other forms of subsidies on the festivals of non-Hindus. The result of this growing Muslim appeasement is that even when a traffic policeman asks a Muslim youth to show his driving license, in that case the law-enforcer would end up being beaten up by those Muslim youths and also he would have to face legal action.

VHP appeals to the Telangana government to give up this anti-Hindu mentality that is getting inflated at the behest of a few unscrupulous Muslim leaders and instead run the government in the interest of all people and the state. The government should treat all sections of the society fairly and impartially. Suppression of Hindus and appeasement of Muslims – both these policies are neither in the interest of the state nor that of the government! If the Telangana government does not change its anti-Hindu mindset, the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) may be forced to launch a strong movement against it!


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