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Love-Jihad is no more tolerable, Govt should enact law – VHP


New Delhi: VHP expressing its deep concern and fury at the increasing incidents of suicide being committed by girls suffering from Love-Jihad, their ruthless killings by Jihadists and their miserable plight, has demanded urgent enactment of a law to stop it.

Central Joint General Secretary of VHP, Dr. Surendra Jain said that lately there has been a volley of such incidents. Whether it is the case of a love-Jihad victim sacrificing her life by self-immolation in Lucknow or the headless body of a love-Jihad victim found in Sonbhadra, these incidents have been coming out in large numbers during the last 8-10 days which are enough to shock even a stone-hearted person to shudder and tremble. From Kerala to Jammu & Kashmir and Laddakh, there is widespread and overactive a network of love-jihad conspiracy to trap unsuspecting non-Muslim girls. It cannot be the thinking and mindset of a civilized society to systematically ensnare, corner and lock in non-Muslim girls into their trap by force or fraud! This is not only an uncouth and grotesque way of increasing the population through ‘Ghazwa’ to materialise Demographic-Jihad, but also an added range of terror campaign. The Hon’ble High Court of Kerala, having called it the most disgusting method of religious conversion, had tagged it as “Love-Jihad”.

VHP has compiled a list of 170 such Love-Jihad cases that have been taken cognizance of during the last 8-10 years. This list is also being released along with this communique.

As per an estimate, every year more than 20,000 non-Muslim girls fall victim to this conspiracy. After being locked in the Jihadi trap, these girls are not only forced to convert to Islam but also forced to live hellish lives. Apart from the incidents of human-trafficking to throw them into the prostitution trade and selling them, the incidents of forced sexual abuse by men and friends of the whole persecuting family also comes in the newspapers. When these inhuman tortures become too much horrendous, then these girls find no way out but to commit suicide, but a very few girls get the opportunity to lodge complaints with the police. A court of law had even asked in its comment as to why do the Love Jihad victim girls disappear.

The whole of humanity is plagued by this Love-Jihad. Somewhere it is called “Romeo-Jihad” and somewhere it is called as “Pakistani-Sex-Gang”. In Muslim countries, non-Muslim women are invariably considered as sexual slaves of Muslims and even in other countries, they look at non-Muslim women as “Maal-e-Ghanimat” (spoils of war) and make efforts to victimise them and make them slaves of their sexuality. Now many countries of the world have begun raising their voice against this Satanic Love-Jihad after being stricken by it. Love Jihad is at the core of the Buddhist-Muslim troubles and events in Myanmar. In Sri Lanka, the fury of the society had to be pacified by clamping a 10- day internal emergency. When the anger of a Buddhist society, that is calm by nature, can take this form, then how immense could the fury of the rest of the societies be? Keeping this global awakening to see through the Jihadi games in view, now the love-Jihadists must change their intents, mindset and ways.

News of Love Jihad funding is in wide public domain now. Organizations like the PFI, SIMI, ISI are behind them. That is why whenever and wherever there is a Love Jihad case in a court of law, big lawyers are immediately given millions and crores of rupees as fees to stand up to plead for the lone-wolf Love-Jihadists. The pattern and instance of a big Supreme Court lawyer charging a large fee in the case of Hadiya of Kerala is in front of everyone. In many cases, the arrested Jihadists have clearly stated that some Maulvi (clerics) also gave them money for this work. Due to vote-bank politics or other vested interests, the secular fraternity in India today openly supports these Jihadists without worrying about the future of Hindus and the country.

The victim who committed suicide in Lucknow was instigated by a Congress leader with a view to gaining political advantage and mileage. Today, the non-Muslim society in Bharat also is furious. VHP warns this unholy alliance that these elements should fear the ire of society and stop this disgusting act immediately. All the state governments have been expressing concerns over these conspiracies from time to time.

The Chief Ministers of various states have also been expressing their concerns in this regard from time to time. VHP demands that the central and the state governments, realizing the monstrousness and magnitude of the Love-Jihad conspiracy, enact strong laws to stop it! At the same time, VHP also appeals to the society to remain ever-more vigilant about such incidents and take constitutional measures to prevent them.



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