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Malakpet Nagara RSS Vijaya Dashami Utsavam


Vijayadashami Utsav of Malakpet Nagar was held today at the Vivekanand Centenary School, Moosarambagh. Dr. Rahul Agarwal Head of Critical Cardiac Care in Care Hospitals Banjara Hills was the Chief Guest whereas Shri Varaṇasi Ram Madhav, Akhil Bharatiya Karyakariṇi Sadasya of Rashṭriya Swayamsevak Sangh was the Keynote speaker. Swayamsevaks performed Dānda, VyayamYog and Yog Asanas which was followed by the message from the Chief Guest Dr. Rahul Agarwal who highlighted how the pandemic has forced us to change our perception towards Helathcare. He spoke about how a high number of young deaths during the second wave should be a wake- up call for the necessary lifestyle changes that we need to inculcate in our daily lives. He also appreciated the sense of discipline and duty of the Swayamsevaks who had tirelessly worked during the pandemic to ensure oxygen supply, support to the frontline workers etc. He emphasised on the urgent need to continue following COVID-19 protocols such as masking, physical distancing and hand hygiene.

Ram Madhav ji who was the Keynote speaker highlighted the rich cultural ethos of Bharat while talking about how all of our festivals had a deeper meaning to ponder over. He said that while Bal(strength) can be a decisive factor in a lot of things, Hindu Sanskriti did not worship Bal- it worshipped Shakthi which was Channelized Dharmic Strength used at the right time, for the right purpose. It was celebrating this spirit of Shakthi that Vijayadashami represented.

Since Vijayadashami is also the day when Pujaniya Dr. Hedgewar had started the RSS 97 years ago- he said that RSS which was much maligned and considered a ‘fringe’ in Indian social life was now the mainstream. Barring a few political leaders the entire Hindu society accepts the commitment and unparalleled dedication of Swayamsevaks towards the cause of our Nation. It is upon the Swayamsevaks to be instrument of positive social change and work towards overcoming the limitations of our society, he added.

Talking about the abrogation of Article 370 he said that for the past 70 years it had only served the purpose of corruption, nepotism and separatism. He also talked about how the naysayers predicted blood bath in Kashmir if Art 370 was abrogated whereas it has been close to two years and the valley has largely remained peaceful. He talked about the urgent need to help the mainstreaming of the Kashmiris into the Indian Society and how comman citizens can bridge that gap.

Highlighting how lifelong committed Swayamsevaks are now in positions of importance within the Government, he said there is a tangible change in perception towards Bharat world over. Over 200 people participated in this program which came to a close with Prarthana.


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